Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Touchet’s Jam Session

Saturday in Cajun Country means Jam Session…either at Museum CafĂ© in Erath or, on the alternate Saturday, at Touchet’s in Maurice, Louisiana like this week.

It started out slow at 2 p.m.


but little by little more of the folks from Betty’s filtered in and more locals came in

Touchet's Friends

We were fortunate to be at Touchet’s when Barrett (our young favorite accordion player) came to play with his uncle, Trent.

DSCN1401        DSCN1400

Pretty soon many in our group were out on the dance floor






even Jim and I got out there




You got to love a place that has these as their slogans….

DSCN1382         DSCN1381

We all had a great, great time


Remember, you are loved.


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