Saturday, December 28, 2013

Palmetto State Park-Intracostal City-Richards

Yesterday was a full day of fun!!!  It has been cold and dreary and we’ve been inside for a few days (except for happy hours, of course).  So we decided to take a drive just to get out.

We hadn’t visited the relatively new Palmetto State Park yet and it is only about 13 miles from Abbeville, so we decided to take a ride.  We were very happy at what we saw.  Very pretty and well done park.

DSCN1450         DSCN1456

In the campground the roads are paved, the sites are large with some graveled and some with concrete pads.  Rates are $18/night.

DSCN1433           DSCN1432

Located on the Vermilion River there are all the water activities available. Looks like they rent canoes also.


As we drove around we came across some wild pigs

DSCN1438       DSCN1447

Since we were so close, we decided to drive down to Intracostal City.  Not much there as much of the town was swept away in a tropical storm/hurricane.  Couldn’t find out when. There are some off-shore businesses and shrimp boats.


We found the houses interesting as they are elevated because of future storms

It was a pleasant drive with interesting sites and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.

When we returned to Betty’s there was a discussion of going out to a crawfish dinner.  Because Cajun Claw had 25 people in line we decided to go to Richard’s…pronounced Ree-CHARDS with the accent on the second syllable, the French influence.


When we arrived at 4:15 for a 5:00 opening there were only a couple of people in line but we added 21 people to the line.  Soon many more people came.


Once inside most of us ordered boiled crawfish with some ordering shrimp.

DSCN1480     DSCN1481

Single order of three pounds cost $20.95 with a five pound serving cost $33.95.  They come in trays and are served with boiled potatoes.  Jim and I shared a five pound platter, but Tom ate a whole five pounds by himself.


You mix up a sauce to dip your seafood in made from mayo and assorted hot sauces
A single serving of three pounds
Dodo’s boiled shrimp served in a pie plate
Bernie’s fried seafood platter
Our leftover-couldn’t eat anymore
Tray of discarded heads and shells
Large mudbug.  It is a little early in the season for crawfish so we ate small to medium size crawfish.

Most of us peel and eat the crawfish as you go but Vivian peels all three pounds and then eats all the meat.  She got about two cups of meat

For those of you who haven’t seen a crawfish up close here you go. You push in the tail and twist to separate it from the head. You peel the tail to get to the meat. Many people suck the head to get the fat or put their finger in the head and lick their finger to get the fat.  Very delicious.


We finished about 6:45 p.m. and since we left to eat before having happy hour, we decided to go back to the park and enjoy some libations together. 

We had a wonderful day with a nice drive, interesting views, great dinner and wonderful camaraderie.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Looks like you have had some wonderful gatherings... our best to you both!

  2. LOVE your blog!! I have let mine slip lately . . . it's easier to post on FB. Keep up the good work!


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