Sunday, December 15, 2013

Delcambre Boat Parade

Last night Ann, Tom and we (?) drove to Delcambre to enjoy their small but mighty Christmas Boat Parade.



It was cold from the wind and we were bundled up and drank hot cocoa




Lighted boats cruise on the Bayou Carlin as folks stand along the bayou cheering each of the boats. Just ten boats…not like San Diego’s or Key West’s boat parades…but sweet and endearing.

DSCN1255 DSCN1257
My favorite
DSCN1265 DSCN1267
DSCN1269 DSCN1271
Air boat
Little boat bringing up the rear

After the parade there was about ten minutes of fireworks shot right over the bayou…very pretty.

DSCN1280 DSCN1283
DSCN1284 DSCN1282

It was a nice night shared with friends…can’t ask for anything better.

Remember you are loved.

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