Monday, January 28, 2013

Visits with Friends

Friday I met Linda Mossman and did laundry and then we met with Nancy Doyle and had lunch at Kadobe’s….which is becoming our “go to” place to eat.  Nancy and hubby, Tom, have come to gate guard as well.

Saturday we had a visit from our buddies,


The Two Lindas.  We see them two or three times a year as they are able to schedule their work around where we can see them.  They work for AGS, publishers of the maps at RV parks, and are on their way to parks in Rockport and Port Aransas.  CIMG1345

The Lindas brought lunch and dinner, which I really enjoyed because The Lindas live a very nutritional lifestyle.  This was lunch… yummy.

All the RV parks around here are full with rig workers, so we got permission from the Company Man for The Lindas to park in front of us and spend the night.  LOL many of the guys asked if we were leaving and if the folks in the motorhome were the new gate guards.


While they were here we received delivery of our new Lazy Boy recliners.  We’ve been looking for new recliners for years now….the ones we have are too big for us and the space. Linda is my interior decorator and helped me pick these out.

This is one of the old recliners
And these are our new recliners.  Provides us a lot more room.

One of the rig workers who is building a house got our old recliners.  We were happy to have him take them away.

One more friend encounter when one of the engineers asked Jim to go out to dinner with him. Steve has become a good buddy and we’ve shared food and recipes.  Steve makes a mean crawfish etouffee. They had a good time and it was good for Jim to get out of here for a while and have some “guy time”.


That’s been our world the last couple of days.  Life filled with friends… doesn’t get any better than that!!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Hi! Yes, we're reading your Blog! And I love the comments you and everyone else leaves on our Blog, too. Love seeing both of your smiling Faces on this entry! Good to see that you both get away with friends. Loved Jim's big smile on the last photo. Hugs, J&C

  2. butterbean carpenterJanuary 30, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Howdy B&J,

    FRIENDS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!! Hope this wind not blowing any dust!!! Remember, y'all are too, also!!

  3. Hello Bobbie and Jim,
    Just checking up on you folks and read about very sorry. We will always remember what a nice puppy dog. Animals are one of God's gifts to bring us such joy
    in this life. We are glad to hear you all are well otherwise. We still have not made it that way yet. We will let you know.

    The Wolfs


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