Friday, January 25, 2013

Sad News

We have sad news to share with our readers.....we had to have Chorizo (a.k.a. Weenie) put down yesterday. The vet said he had a growth/tumor on his colon and wouldn't last long. We brought him home for a week but Wednesday he was yelping in pain and we knew we had to stop his suffering. Jim Mossman went with my Jim to San Antonio and...we had Chorizo cremated and we'll bring him back to Colorado for burial.  This hurts like hell !!!!!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of Chorizo when we first got him at six weeks old.  He was tiny.

Chorizo 002 Chorizo 004

I wrote about our loss on my Facebook page and received so many sweet sympathetic comments.  So many people had been in the same position and could relate to our loss.  Later I wrote……

Thanks to all of you for your comments about losing Chorizo. Besides our personal grief and continual tears it’s hard watching his litter brother, Poncho, so confused and wandering around looking for Chorizo. When Jim walked him today Poncho headed straight for the truck and kept jumping at the door like he was saying "come on Dad lets go find Chorizo". Yesterday after Jim left for San Antonio I took Poncho outside to sit with me and he sat facing the highway (unusual) as if he was watching for Jim's truck to return with Chorizo. Poncho has never been without another dog in his life.... at almost eleven years old this will be so strange for him.

Here’s Jim faking a smile just before he left for San Antonio with Chorizo. And my last hug. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Chorizo's Last Day 1.23 (2)                Chorizo's Last Day 1.23 (1)

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Bobbie, what a heart breaking blog today about your loss. Thank you for talking about it and sharing photos. I never knew Chorizo but I have had dogs that I have lost in similar way and so I hurt along with you and Jim.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Words are so inadequate, but I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. So sad! I know the pain from experience. My prayers are that God will ease you sadness.
    Remember the "Rainbow Bridge."

    I'll send it to you via e-mail.

  4. So sorry for your loss. We had to have one of our babies put down last summer. It's like losing a part of your family.

  5. We could never do the "last shot". The most comfort you can get it to know you did the right thing and that he is not in pain. Just shower all your love on Poncho and you all will get thru it. Like Bailey, Poncho will come to enjoy being the only ya


  6. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. And mad, too. I get madder every time I hear of another beloved pet laid to rest because of tumors/cancer. After reading about the study done in France, I'm sure it's all the GMO corn they put in pet food nowadays. Innocent animals are suffering for it. R.I.P. Chorizo.

  7. Again, we are so very sorry for your loss. It will take some time to get used to and we hope you are both doing okay. HUGS! See you in March.

  8. We are so sorry to hear the bad news. We have gone thru it also it gets better each day but you never forget the goodtimes.

  9. Just found your blog and I am so sorry to read about your little friend. It is so hard to lose a pet. They are like our children. He will be missed by all of you.

  10. butterbean carpenterJanuary 26, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Howdy B&J,
    We are so sorry about your losing Chorizo, but you had eleven happy years with him and Poncho, remember all of those memories and happy times; he'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for y'all!!! All of our animals are like kids, even the 'bad' ones, but we miss them when they head for the Bridge.. Just remember y'all are loved too, also...

    R.I.P. Poncho

  11. We know you are missing your little guy, I wish we were there to give you the Hugs you need right now. Love you two.

  12. Sorry for your loss. Its hard to imagine traveling without such a special companion.

  13. So sorry to hear of your loss. We still have Pots on borrowed time. It is rough but hang in there.
    Wayne & Rhonda

  14. So sorry to hear of your loss. We had our little Toodles put down 15 months ago. She was 15 years old & part of the family. It really hurts. I don't think I want another dog for awhile. Hope your little Poncho gets used to being without Chorizo. Takes a lot of adjusting for everybody. Hugs to y'all. Tom & Lynn

  15. It nearly killed us to have to put down our daughters's beloved Gus several years back, so know your sadness and sorrow. They are members of the family. As Alan said remember the Rainbow bridge. {{{{Hugs}}}}


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