Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visit with Friends

Last January Jim and I were in Quartzsite, Arizona.  We were attending a reunion of our Class of 2007…gathering of folks who belong to the Escapees RV Club who went on the road fulltime in 2007. 

There we met Lynette and Greg. During a round of introductions we mentioned we were going to south Texas to gate guard the oil wells. Lynette sought us out and asked questions about gate guarding.   Fast forward to last July when Lynette and Greg became gate guards and we started talking on Facebook.

When we returned to gate guarding last November we were only in the yard one day before we got sent out so we didn’t get to visit with Lynette and Greg.  That was rectified last Friday when they were in the yard awaiting a new assignment and drove over to pick up our paycheck. 


We had a little visit and made arrangements for them to come out and see us yesterday.  We had a good talk and enjoyed their company.


It is always nice to be able to visit with friends on the road.  You reconnect in the darnest places.

Remember you are loved.
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  1. Just found your blog... linked from another I follow...We are GGs as well, located near Cotulla Tx. Wonder if you would knit me a turban in BLUE... sure would be nice to have one for those cold/cooler mornings while checkin in the 'crews'. Let me know, I will gladly pay in advance, just let me know how much. Thanks Marsha

  2. butterbean carpenterJanuary 20, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    Howdy Bobbie,
    Here's a comment; you're looking great!!!
    And y'all R 2, also!!!


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