Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cold and Rainy and Funny Hats

Long gone are the days of sleeveless blouses and capri pants.  I put away the suntan lotion and bug repellant.  The cold arrived and out comes the sweatshirts, fleece jackets and all my knitted hats and caps. 

Remember the Tweety Bird hat I had?  Well, one of the drivers tossed Jim a bag and said “this is for your wife’s collection”.  It was a bear hat.

CIMG1281                  CIMG1282

As I’ve mentioned Jim and I usually sit outside during the day to minimize the trips up and down our stairs.  But it does get cold sitting outside so I added some additional coverage.  It’s my ninja look……

CIMG1276             CIMG1279

Where we come from it can get mighty cold in the winter and we dealt with it.  In fact, the last couple of weeks Alamosa, Colorado, has been experiencing frigid temps of –20 to –35 degrees.  But here in south Texas I am freezing at +30 to +50 degrees.  It has to do with the humidity.  Alamosa has almost nil and here it is high.  My face gets really cold sitting outside in the afternoons.

Now the wet has made an appearance so out came the umbrella, raincoats, and we had to cover the all the carpeting with runners to keep all the caliche mud off them.

It’s been raining for a couple of days here and the caliche dust gets slippery when walked on and you even sink into when you stand…wet caliche has been known to take the shoes right off you and you end up stepping in that muck in socking feet!

We have to carry the pups out to do their business, carry them back in and directly into a sink of water to clean off their feet.  They do NOT like going out in the rain and sinking down in the mud. 

There’s little pebbles of dry caliche mud all over the place.  We vacuum the rug a lot and shake out the runners daily.  The pups bring bits to bed with them and I sweep off the sheets before going to bed.

Having a micro recorder has been a big help (again, thank you Rita and Jerry for that suggestion).  That way we go outside and record all the information and come back in and write it on the form.  We don’t have to be hassled with trying to write something down in the rain.

They are predicting a few more days of rain so we’ll be battling the mud for a little while longer.  Happily one of the vendors out here has been buying lunch and dinner for his guys and making sure we get our share as well.  So we haven’t had to cook much.  These drilling rig workers work very hard and are partial to barbecue and steaks.  Poor Jim has had steak three times this week…….he’s not complaining.  Last night it was seafood so we shared oysters, shrimp, stuffed crab, onion rings, fries, hush puppies and salad. I was happy!

Jim is off to Pleasanton to have lunch with Jim Mossman.  They meet once a week and that is so nice to see friends out here.  Friday I go in and have lunch with Linda and a little “girl time”.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. That hat is just too cute. I am sorry to hear about the cold and the rain. Just to let you know, I am now located just north of Gainesville FL and the temp today was 88 degrees and no rain. Sorry about that!

  2. butterbean carpenterJanuary 9, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    Awww thatz awful, Jim having to eat steak 2-3 times week and b-b-q the other days, with a seafood day thrown in, for good measure!! At least Bobbie got to est one day this week!!! Really glad the Mossmans are still putting up with y'all; wish we had friends like that!!! I just have to sit here at the pooter all day and listen to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, with all of their singers and sidemen!!! You can't hear good music like that on the radio anymore!!
    Sorry about the precipitation and the mud, but you were hollerin' about the dust last week;WE NEED THE RAIN and don't mind the mud, it don't last but 36 hours and then we are back to DUST!!! Bobbie, that hat is the most, Merikay will probably make a fortune making those, now!!!
    Remember y'all are too, also!!

  3. hi bobbie and jim. how have you been. i keep up on your blog cause those mossmans barely update theirs. i find your blog an interesting read and it keeps me up on what is happening down there in texas. how about a picture of the cliche mud so we can get an idea of what your talking about?

    thanks for always keeping your blog interesting.
    lorie mossman

    1. Caliche mud looks like any other mud but it is slippery and you sink into it. Read Jim Mossman's blog today and he describes the mud also and there are some photos too.

      Glad you enjoy reading our blog, it's fun to do.

  4. Love your bear hat, I have bear paw mittens. Only you could get away wearing something with only your eyes showing. You have very beautiful eyes, you don't need a face to go with them.....ha ha.

    1. How very kind of you, Pam. No one has ever mentioned my eyes before.


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