Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Worm Turns

We had a wonderful, wonderful day today. Jim and I sat outside and soaked up the sun. Sunny skies, not a cloud around, temperatures in mid-70s….perfect.  The mud has dried and no dust blew….perfect.  Then one of the companies here bought lunch for their team, and us of course. 



Shrimp, catfish, fries and jalapeno poppers…perfect.




Here’s another perfect thing……


Hope you also had a wonderful day too…….

Remember, you are loved
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  1. Bobbie,
    The wife loves the new steps. Easier on both of us going in and out. Glad you posted about yours so I could see them.

  2. I am so glad you had a great day today. Of course we all know that every day is great because God created it and gave it to us. What a gift each day is! Praise God from whom all blessing come!

  3. Sounds lovely! Not warm in Denver, though. Might even get snow. Enjoy your great weather!

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 11, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    No comments, so Bobbie's unhappy; well here you are girl on a beautiful sunshiny day asittin' in the sun reading your Kindle and watching the fluffy white clouds go floating by!!! Better than Montana or Colorado in the snow!!! Our dust is still compacted and damp here too, also, but the wind is blowing from down there at about 25-35mph!
    I'm stuck inside for the 8th straight day and gettin' cabin fever; my wheelchair don't do MUD!
    At least I can comment on here and make Bobbie happy!! Remember y'all are too, also!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day and combination! Enjoy that seafood! Cool here in Tucson, but sunny skies. Hugs to both of you!


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