Thursday, January 17, 2013


As most of you know I knit and I seldom knit anything for myself….looove to knit surprise gifts.  But lately I’ve found a few patterns that I have fallen in love with for myself.

One of them was this Gypsy Turban. Some of my ancestors were European gypsies so I thought it would be appropriate.  I hate having my ears cold and this would solve that issue also.

It is a simple 36” band knitted in the round on circular needles in the seed/moss stitch (purl the knits and knit the purls).
Then you sew closed about 8” on one edge to create a pocket of sorts. Place your head in the pocket and twist the end.
Flip the twist around you head and you get a double layer covering your ears
And there you have a Gypsy Turban

I wore it last night after I finished it and it really kept my ears warm.  I even received a few favorable comments and a couple of snickers.

I like to wear a different hat every day as it seems to amuse the drivers and it brings them a little levity.  They all work so hard, it’s nice to make them smile and laugh.

Salai's Aussie Hat



Today I’m wearing a hat my dear friend, Salai, knitted and felted for me.  I call this my Aussie Hat.  It’s warm.


Weather is sunny and temps just reached 60* so that is a big improvement.  I turned off the heat pump and actually latched the door open to air out the RV as we’ve been closed up for two weeks now.

Ahhhh, the sun feels good.

Remember, you are loved…..
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  1. Has anyone ever old you how beautiful your eyes are? I think your turban is wonderful. I like hats too but don't think they look good on me.

  2. butterbean carpenterJanuary 17, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    That's a nice looking hat, too ,also!!
    Sure am glad you're warming up down there; we are too, also, up to 51 today!!!
    Y'all are too, also!!!
    Joyce & butterbean

  3. Totally cool! I love it! If I was a knitter, I would start on one right now!

    We're in Boomerville in Q with the group. Sure wish you were here... been too long since we've had a hug together.

  4. That Gypsy turban is really neat! And you look great in it.What more could a knitter desire?

  5. Looking Good! That's a great way to make the day or night go by for you & the workers! I crocheted straight stitch to make afghans but never tried knitting. Really nice & you really look good in hats or toboggans. We hope we have our house remodel done & rented again. Got 5 inches of beautiful wet snow here on top of soaked ground from 6 inches of rain. Guess we're stuck til things dry out. Don't want to tear our friends yard up trying to leave. Had planned to be gate guarding by now but plans change don't they? Hope we can get down there & find work in Feb. will y'all be gone to Betty's by then? Had hopped to meet you fine folks. Remember, you are loved too! Tom & Lynn from TN

    1. Tom and Lynn - we'll be here till late February and take 2-3 days to drive to Louisiana. Email me when you are coming down and we'll make arrangements to meet.


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