Monday, January 7, 2013


I get called by many different names out here gate guarding.  Of course, being in Texas where Southern etiquette is taught to young boys, I’m called ma’am a lot by the younger men.  The middle-aged men call me Miss Bobbie.  Then you have the older men and to them I’m “mama”.

I don’t mind any of the names they call me…whatever makes you most comfortable. They always say the name with a smile on their face and I know it is meant with affection. My problem is after three weeks I still can’t remember many of their names. 

Jim is amazing in that he can look at a car approaching him and he tells me who it is and what company they work for….uncanny!  He doesn’t even have to look at the person to tell who it is.  Jim memorizes the vehicles they drive.  Me, I’ve seen these folks every day and still have to ask their name….I blame it on my advanced age!

The form we have to fill out calls for finding out the person’s name, company, license plate number, where they are going and time in and out.  I get bored asking “what is your name please?”, so at times I’ll ask “what did your mama name you?” or “what’s the name on your driver’s license?”.  Sometimes I get outwitted - when I asked recently “what does your wife call you?” and the answer was “Dammit”!!!  Another time the guy said “it’s the same as your husband’s” and so I said “Oh, so it’s Honey then”.

We try to have a little fun with the guys and gals who come through our gate adding a little levity to their day.  Oh, yes, we have gals coming in.  Some are sales reps—nothing like a pretty young thing, smelling good, wearing a sweet outfit to get a sale, right?  But we also have ladies driving the big rigs working the same as the guys. I always tell the ladies to roll down their windows and send out all their estrogen as there is entirely too much testosterone around here LOL.

Last week I checked in a lady driver and then checked out a guy who made the comment with a smile, “now how can a nice looking lady like that be working for a company named Rolling Dirty?” That is kind a funny.

We also have a couple of interesting names on license plates.  One is WAN2RUN and another is RIG WLD.

This has been an enjoyable job.  Many of the guys cook for themselves and when they go grocery shopping they always ask if we need anything.  Usually we’re OK for food buying every two weeks, but run out of milk after the first week.  Someone always gets a gallon for us and won’t accept any money…… sweet. Some of the guys stop and hand me a candy bar, a company pen or company calendar.  They are all very thoughtful.  We enjoy being gate guards.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. $4.29 a gallon here today for milk ! Good report !

  2. There really are wonderful people in this world. Of course being wonderful yourself, doesn't hurt when it comes to finding those people.

    Remembering names is just a matter of priorities. Jim must make it a priority to remember. You have other things on your mind! :-)

  3. What a very cool post, Bobbie! And it definitely sounds like you're having fun! So glad to hear! Hugs to you both!


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