Saturday, December 1, 2012

Animals in the Area

We have seen some interesting animals on the ranch where we are gate guarding. There are breeding deer, of course, but these are especially bred and have huge, huge antlers/racks.  We’ve seen a lot of bucks in Colorado, but Jim said he was even impressed with how huge these are. No photos…never have the camera available when we see them.

Then there was that coyote Jim saw while chatting with one of the drivers.  Another day Jim was looking down the road and saw a long Blue Indigo snake slithering across the road about 100 feet away.  “They” say you shouldn’t kill a Blue Indigo snake because they eat the rattlesnakes.  I don’t care, I don’t like ANY snake!!!  Luckily I haven’t seen any snakes.

One of the ranchers said about 4 a.m. every morning there is a small pack of wolves that comes through the gate we are guarding but I haven’t seen them so far.

One thing we have noticed is that around 2 p.m. every afternoon we see a whole bunch of butterflies flying from the west to the east right in front of our rig.  Every day….weird.

Then quite often we get a large flock of black birds swoop in.  They fly in a nearby tree nearly covering it all. 

Other times they line up on all the nearby electric wires


or simply gather on the ground. 


Then something spooks them and they take off all together.


 Unlike last time we were here last February/March, we haven’t had all those pesky black, hard-shelled bugs at night.  That’s good.  We do have biting flies during the day, so we have to use a lot of sunscreen and bug spray.  We’re more tanned now than we were this summer.  I don’t have to go outside much at night, but when I do I haven’t seen any bugs.

Today I looked down the road and this is what I saw……


See those black things in the middle of the road?  No? Here let me get you a better view…..


Can you tell what these are?  No?  OK, let me zoom in for you…..


Yes, yes, those are javelinas.  Kind of fun to watch but don’t want them too close.

Well, that is my animal report for now.  I’ll let you in on any new ones when they come around.

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  1. sounds like you get a lot of FREE intertainment while guarding those gates. I wondered if you would do another season on this job. But here you are at it again. I remember when You told the group that you were going to try it. How's the internet there? I know I said I couldn't do it if I couldn't get connection where I parked.

  2. butterbean carpenterDecember 1, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Howdy B&J,

    Aww, those peccaries are so cute and smell so good and just love to be scratched behint their ears!!! NOTTTT!!! Them things stink and are MEAN!!! Indigo snakes make really good house pets; they eat mice and scorpions and cookaraachas!!!

    Remember y'all are too,also!!!

  3. The black birds are Grackles. The big male bird have huge tails, the females have a brown head. Have fun watching the wildlife!

  4. What with the coyotes and wolves around, you need to keep a close watch on you puppies. Of course you knew that. Wow! It sounds like this site is much more interesting than the one you had a year ago.

  5. Hey Bobbie,
    Do you ever see any armadillos ? I've always wanted to see one (alive). I see them dead along the road but never alive. Nice to observe the critters from afar. No snake sightings would suit me fine...don't like 'em. Hugs to you both !

  6. Hi,
    sounds interesting. Quite a show. We are here at Amazon in Campbellsville. Counting the days till we leave.
    We will be 'following' you and we may come to CO next summer. Would love to hear details of your Gate Guarding Experiences. Your info helped with the Amazon decision, thanks.

    Wayne & Rhonda

  7. Hi there you two. Haven't been blogging for awhile. We are still in TN doing a remodel on a rental house & visiting family & friends. Had hoped to be in the Whitsett area by now, maybe Jan? Glad you visited Palo Duro Canyon. We went several summers ago they have a wonderful TX History play. Still hoping to meet up with y'all sometime! Tom & Lynn

  8. Bobby,
    Gate guarding sounds very interesting. We aer in Campbellsville, KY at Amazon. Kind of wish we were at a Gate in TX. If we are lucky enough to have our paths cross next year, it would be great to get an education about it from you and Jim.

    Stay safe and watch those Javelinas
    Wayne & Whonda


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