Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dinner Out

We hired a relief gate guard to take over for us for a couple of hours so we could go out to dinner last night with two of the ranch owners and their wives. (Because we aren’t suppose to discuss any gate guarding business on blogs or where we are precisely located, I’m not giving names and thus will adhere to the rules.) The twins are having a birthday on Thursday and with Jim’s birthday last Sunday we decided to go out and celebrate together. We went to Pepe Boudreaux’s whose mascot is an alligator wearing a sombrero….kinda cute.


Pepe Boudreaux’s serves wonderful Gulf shrimp and seafood with a smattering of Mexican selections.  They have Louisiana Boudin and several crawfish dishes.  Jim and I both choose the fried flounder and jumbo Gulf shrimp.  Oh, my, so delicious! 


Needless to say,  we couldn’t finish it all and we’ll have the leftovers for lunch.

We were gone three luxurious hours.  It was nice to “pretty up”, curl my hair and wear nice clothes for a change.  We had such a good time with great company!  Hope to do it again before we leave.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Food looks great and I bet it was nice to get away for a few hours.

  2. LOVE their crawfish etouffe!! Sooo yummy!!

  3. Wow! Al prettied up and I missed it. Bummer! I am so happy that you guys had a wonderful time. You deserve it!!!


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