Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Same-o, same-o

Not much changing around here except the weather.  Most of our daytime temps have been in the 86-92* range, but with the humidity we’ve been running the a/c all the time.  We are on the top of a hill and with all the caliche dust swirling around, we don’t keep any windows opened, so we run the fan or a/c.

Then yesterday a cold front came in and off with the a/c and on with the heat pump.  Temps going down to 45* and daytime now is about 51*.  Off with the sleeveless tee shirts and shorts and on with the sweat shirt and long pants. 

Without having to sign anyone in all we have to do is be available for questions and basically “wave” people in.  It does get a bit boring, but some of the guys stop by and chat. One permanent worker has become a consistent visitor and we’ve invited him to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, we’re going to cook a full-bore holiday dinner with turkey, stuffing, bean casserole, homemade yeast rolls, cranberry sauce and homemade pumpkin pie. 

Yes, I know it isn’t vegan, but I decided I’m a Chegan….a cheating vegan LOL!!!!!  There are some meals I’m going to have regardless.  But I’ve been doing pretty good with my vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.  Thankfully Jim is very supportive.  He cooks his own meals and I cook mine. Sometimes we can share a meal like spaghetti when I get my sauce out and then put meat or meatballs in his portion.


Oh, BTW, I found the very best spaghetti sauce IMHO.  It’s Giada de Laurentii’s Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce available only at Target. It was highly recommended in a magazine I read and I tried it; oh, it is sooooo good and I highly recommend it.  Before we came out here I bought four jars to keep on hand.
We bought a signal booster locally but it didn’t improve the signal much, so we took it back.  Then we ordered another signal booster from amazon.com but it’s been backordered for two weeks so we still don’t have any cell or internet service.  Every few days we come into Whitsett where we can get five bars on our MiFi.  Hopefully, we’ll get a good signal once it’s installed.

Well that’s it for now, please leave comments or send emails.  I miss hearing from everybody.

Remember, you are loved
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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog for several months now... through the gate-guarding gig earlier this year and now again. Our plans for gate guarding sort of have to be on hold... but someday we hope to do that. As for vegan.... I guess we'd qualify for chegan as well... the last 2 months have been probably 99%.... but... a person sure has to read those labels real close... egg whites... whey... milk products.... kinda there in the fine print. One year we had turkey hotdogs for Thanksgiving... this year it will probably be some kind of vegetable protein "turkey". Whatever.... Always good reading your blog!

  2. Miss you girlfriend. Glad your going to go full bore on Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing better than leftovers!

  3. New reader today. I read the same mag and usually trust them implicitly, so tried that spaghetti sauce on their recommendation. DH and I thought it was OK but too thin. We will stick with our Prego!


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