Sunday, November 18, 2012

Water Needs Fulfilled

We don’t drink the water provided as it is kept in a very large black plastic tank and gets heated by the sun. What you are seeing is the trailer with the fuel tank on the left, the water tank and then the 15,000 watt generator on the right.

Diesel fuel, 500 gallon of non-potable water and the 15,000 watt generator

Last year we kept 15 water jugs that we filled every two weeks at one of those water filling machines at 15 cents per gallon.  It was a big headache and a frustrating task. 

The oil company will give us water in 5 gallon jugs but I didn’t have any way to use it.  So this year I looked into getting a ceramic water container that you use with a 5 gallon jug. But then I stumbled across a hand pump to use on a 5 gallon jug. 


Thank you!  For $13.50 I got this big bruiser that is working out great. It siphons out about 1/4 cup per pump, so it doesn’t take much effort to fill a coffee pot. Plus it builds up the muscles LOL.

So now I have a convenient way to get water for drinking, cooking and the dog’s water dish. 

The guys from the rig have been great in bringing us one or two five gallon jugs a week, so it has been very convenient.

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  1. Cool idea...thank goodness for Amazon !

  2. Bobbie, that is really interesting. Thanks for posting this!

  3. butterbean carpenterNovember 18, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    So glad to have y'all back in Texas, doing your 'thing'!!!! We'll try to keep you from being so lonely feeling as well as making lots of those truckers happy with your hand signals!! If you want we'll 'pass-on' some of the jokes and fwds we receive!! Some are really cute!! But won't send any if you say NO!! Janna had a great tomato soup recipe on her blog you might want to try on your pseudo-vegan diet!!
    I sent this because you sounded like you and Jim needed a paisano!!
    How is Jim doing health-wise, since his operation?? For someone who is used to being strong to having to be careful what you do is frusturating BIG TIME; I know that for a fact!!
    Y'all enjoy the sunshine and remembered y'all are too, also!!!

  4. I have consolidated some of them, and even thought that they would come in handy down there doing that,,,,,,we are planning on coming down and trying to get on in the spring when others are heading out,,,,,we have a job on west side of Big Bend in Jan, so come mid April we will be applying with one of the companies,,,,,going to go apply and take the test when we leave up here in Ks.....miss you and think about the two of you all the time, we do keep up with you,,,,and info you can give us we would love, think you have my email address

  5. Hey Bobbie!
    Our oil company provides our drinking water, too, which is grand because we drink A LOT of water.
    Being lazier than you, we bought an electric pump on line for $23! ;)
    The guys bring the water down for us and even set it inside. We were getting it ourselves for a while but they offered and we accepted.
    Funny how we used to struggle up the steps with 1 jug and they swing 1 in each hand as if they weighed 4 lbs each instead of 40+!

  6. Just curious and have no personal knowledge on the subject, but don't they have dispensers with both hot and cold spigots that would hold your water jugs? Since you have the large generator, I assume you are not paying for electricity. Let those big guys sling those jugs onto the dispenser stands. Remember, "Hey Culligan Man"?

    1. Yes, I thought of those but where do you put it in an RV??? They take up space. And with my luck I'd need someone to put in a new bottle at 2 a.m. during my night shift. This little pump is working and it gives me a workout.


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