Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moved to a New Gate

We knew from the onset that this time we wouldn’t be spending our entire four months back at the ranch we were at last February-March.  We knew the oil company was working towards eliminating our gate, as it was one of four gates on the property and no longer needed.  So we had two months on the ranch and deepened our friendships with the property owners as we so enjoyed being back there.

Because we didn’t have Verizon service out there we didn’t receive their notification Saturday night, so we were surprised Sunday early afternoon when two trucks arrived to move us to another gate.  But we are resilient folk and we buttoned up the rig, put away the barbecue, chairs, mat and satellite dish and were ready to go in 20 minutes.

We moved about 20 miles northeast onto a fresh, new pad with little traffic.  Now we DO get to check people in and out, which we are happy about.  This time we have folk to converse with and joke with which is much nice IMHO than just waving to folks and giving the occasional direction.  We’re happy!


This place is just gearing up so there isn’t much traffic. Happily we are right along the side of the highway that doesn’t have much traffic. That’s the highway right behind us in this photo.  There isn’t miles of caliche road to stir up the dust. My window casings won’t be as dusty as they have been before.

We had hoped to be able to go back in the yard for a day or two so we could have a couple of drinks (can’t drink while gate guarding at most gates) and we wanted to go out to dinner together….maybe snuggle a bit since we don’t sleep together while gate guarding.  But alas, they had an immediate gate for us and off we went.

We’re about 15 miles closer to Pleasanton and all on good highway roads with potholes so it won’t take me as long to get there to do our shopping and laundry every two weeks.

The biggest plus is that we have great cell and internet service here.  We have a consistent three bars on phones and internet.  Yippee!!!!!!  Those who know me know I am an internet nut….to say the least. I can spend hour upon hour online enjoying looking up the most absurd and strange things.  I tell Jim I just have a wide range of interests, but he’s not buying it LOL.

On the ranch we could occasionally get one or two bars on the hotspot on Jim’s smart phone.  But it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r   to look up anything.  I usually just shut the computer down in frustration!  Phone service was very sketchy but we could get text messages, albeit hours and hours after they were sent.

So we are a pretty happy lot to be able to get online and call people whenever we want.  So give us a call or email us frequently as we are now available.  I usually wake up by noon and Jim goes to bed about 8 p.m.  We change shifts at 3 o’clock with Jim starting his shift at 3 in the morning and me taking over at 3 in the afternoon.

So right now I am outside under the awning with the computer on a small table typing away until a truck pulls in or goes out and I can get online to my heart’s content.

I fear my Kindle reading time and knitting project will suffer now that I can get online.  Lory, don’t worry I’ve already started your new cancer “warrior” hat and Shelly, last night I finished the wool knit cap you wanted. 

 The pups are happy to be sniffing out all new scents and it takes them forever to do “their business” now that we are in a new place.  Haven’t seen any snakes but Jim did see a few deer at twilight.

We already like this location and hope to be here until we leave the end of February.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Excellent ! Excellent ! Thanks for the update.

  2. Don't let that caliche dust get into your computer, phone or Kindle. It may cause problems.

    I am glad you are relocated and Internet/phone accessible!

    Have a great Christmas holiday!

  3. We can 'see' you smiling from here! Happy for you that you have cell and internet service.....we'd be miserable without it, too! Hugs to you and Jim, J&C

  4. So happy that now you have great service for your phones and internet. Our service on the computer gets really goofy here sometimes and it's so frustrating. It will be a great place to be for the remainder of your schedule. Merry Christmas to you and Jim ! We'll have one for you during our next happy hour.


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