Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Perfect Texas Sunset

We’ve seen some stunning sunrises and sunsets in many parts of the country in the six years as fulltime RVers.  Some of best are in Arizona and Florida for sure; but the other night we had a stellar sunset right here in south Texas.


Now wouldn’t you agree?

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Hi Bobbie,I got the same pic. We are three miles north of Tilden on our first gate. After reading your blog for a couple of years. Decided to try it after retirement. Waiting on the drilling rig to arrive. We are sat right on the pad in a courner to check vehicles.

    Charlie and Peggy

    1. Hi Peggy and Charlie - so glad to hear from a blog reader of ours. Hope you enjoy your gate guarding gig....but it is rough to be on the drilling pad...ugh! Very noisy I hear. E;mail me at any time if you have questions. Welcome to the gate guarding family!!!


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