Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to you all.

This will be the first Christmas Jim and I will be celebrating alone without any friends and family around.  Such is the life of a gate guard. We have friends around but we can’t leave our gate to go visit them. The oil company we work for is one of the few (if any other) who are working during the holiday.  Most companies stopped working December 23 – 25.

Interestingly enough today is very, very windy with winds 10-25 MPH and gusts at 40 MPH.  So here we are “open” but the pad had to stop working when the winds got to 20 MPH.  They are just waiting around for the wind to die down.

It’s been interesting, to say the least, to try and open the rig door to get out and check trucks in and out.  Yes, the wind is pushing against the door and it’s a struggle for me to open it….I can’t stop laughing as I’m doing it….so funny.

The company man said he was bringing in a caterer with deep-fried turkey and ham for Christmas and would make sure we got meals.  But it didn’t happen…when the caterer left he said he salvaged one meal and it looked good but not enough for two people.  Guess we’ll go ahead and bake the bone-in ham I bought as a backup….glad I did.

Jim made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast/lunch when I woke up….kind of a tradition. It was very good. Jim is such a good cook.

A nice highlight for me this Christmas was talking to my sister, Evi, who lives in Costa Rica. Because of the long distance fees I hadn’t called her since we got on the road six years ago. We email a lot. Wish I had inquired earlier and found out how cheap it really is to add the phone coverage for foreign countries. Verizon is only $4 a month and 27 cents a minute to Costa Rica. So yesterday I surprised my sister with a phone call.  We were both so excited to talk with each other; we were on the phone for a half hour. Now I’ll call her every week. Earlier I called my brother in North Carolina so it was nice to have spoken to them both.

Wind is still kicking up so we can’t open the windows.  We put on the air conditioning as it was getting to be close to 78 inside.  But tonight the temps are expected to drop like a rock to 28-30*, so I’ll then put on the heater.  Yes, crazy, crazy weather.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Merry Christmas to you. I'm sorry you can't be with family and friends but sometimes a "just the two of us" Christmas is kinda nice. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your ham.

  2. Spending Christmas alone is quite interesting. This year is the first time I have done it, due mostly to circumstances. At least you had each other and God to celebrate the day with!

  3. Merry Christmas you two! Sal & I were just talking yesterday about when Jim made biscuits & gravy in Q our first time out there in 2008. I told them all that they were the best I'd every had and they still are!! Hugs to you both!


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