Monday, December 17, 2012

Waves…the hand kind

Remember I wrote about my greeting arriving and departing vehicles with my “jazzing hands”?  Well, doing that kind of a wave has produced some interesting responses.

During the day Jim sits outside and waves to the truckers and gives well directions as needed.  We stay outside until the sun goes down and then go inside and turn on all the lights so I can be seen outside at the big window. 

Since I started my “jazzy hands” wave, the truckers not only smile and wave back, but some take it a step further.  A few turn on their cab light and will do the “jazzy hands back at me.  Some flash their lights, others beep their horns, but most all the truckers smile and wave. For each I say a little prayer to keep them safe on the road.  Oh, there are a few curmudgeons who look straight ahead and ignore me.  I just say a little extra prayer for them to feel God’s love and blessings.        

It’s nice to bring a smile and a little levity to these hardworking truckers and rig workers. They seem to get a kick out of waving to Jim and I.

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind the saying HERE


  1. Can Jim take a video of your "wave" so you can post it in your blog?

    1. As you can see we've moved on to a new gate. No more jazzy I have to write people in.

  2. Should get you one or two of those foam fingers so you can add some more "moves" to your jazzy hands. LOL


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