Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Photos

During our last trip to Alamosa we bought a Chicken Fryer, like a Turkey Fryer but with a shorter pot with a frying basket inside.  We want to use the burner base to hold the Disk pan the Abeyta's gave me last summer. It fit perfectly.  Jim is having a good time cooking on the Disk.

Last Sunday five of us camphosts met to enjoy a Shrimp Boil.  Rita and Jerry had small potatoes, corn on the cob and a bag of Texas shrimp that they wanted to use, so Jim and I added some Polish Kielbasa as the sausage and used our new Chicken Fryer.  It came out so good.

Doesn't that look wonderful?  And it tasted wonderful with homemade cocktail sauce and a wonderful German Chocolate Cake for dessert.  Thank you, Rita and Jerry.  Next time it is at our place.

That morning I told you about when it was 24* we had a young couple staying in a tent.  Because of the temperature Jessie and Diane stayed in their van to try and stay warm.

When I made my "walk around" that morning I saw Jessie trying to start a fire to make something warm to drink.  I went back to the RV and made up a cup of cocoa and brought our thermos of coffee and brought it to them.  You know how you can say a few words to a stranger and you quickly know this person could become a good friend?  (This happens often to fulltime RVers.)  Well, I felt that way about Jessie and Diane, even though they are younger than our youngest daughter.  So I invited them to join us that evening and bring something for the grill.  We were so happy they were able to join us bringing pork chops to our chicken thighs and drumsticks.  Oh, Jim cooked them all low and slow and they all came out tender and moist.  Good job, Jim.

I made up a pasta salad and a Waldorf salad which made up a meal with the bread, cheese and banana bread Jessie and Diane brought.  That Easy Peasy Custard Pie was a hit also.

Afterwards we enjoyed a campfire till it got too darn cold, so we called it a night.  We said our goodbyes as Jessie and Diane were going to Lake City and rent a Jeep and drive 4-wheeling to Silverton before returning to Iowa.  Jim invited them back the end of July to join him and his brothers on their Chapman Annual 4-Wheel Trip to Ouray.  They seemed genuinely interested....we're only a two day trip from Iowa!!!  Hope so.

So we had a great Memorial Day Weekend with great foods and new friends.  Isn't that what this life is all about?  What did you do for the holiday?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I love that disk. We need to hook up when we get out of here I think you guys would be a blast to hang with..

  2. Good morning ' Been reading your blogg for a frew months now and really enjoying it thanks. And your right enjoying life is what its all and my wife hope to full time one day our Blogg is(The Berrys RV travels ). I just started learning how to do this stuff so I'LL sign in when I learn how.

  3. Yes. That is exactly what full timing is all about. I had a good day myself.

  4. Hi Bobbie, the picture is so beautiful! I love your backyard!

  5. I'm jealous. It's 106 in Las Vegas. I'd love a couple 26 degree nights and a cookout...sign me up!

  6. Bobbie ~ The absolute BEST cup of cocoa I have ever had! thank you!~ Diane

  7. Kenny and Angela...I know they are a blast to be with. :) Helpful too when you have trouble. God Bless you both Bobbie and Jim. Miss ya.


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