Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reading and Jambalaya

I spent a leisurely day around the campground yesterday.  Jim was off to Antonito down south, to help that area manager get their wells up and running.  So I had the day to myself.

I checked the restrooms here and they all looked good.  I walked the campground and said my "good mornings" to the four campers we had the night before.

I then drove two miles to the top of the hill to get better phone reception and called in an order for new packing nuts for our hand pumps.

I then had the rest of the day to myself.  I've been wanting to read "The Help" for a long time now but it was too expensive for the Kindle version so I waited till I could borrow it from our local library, which I did the other day.  I put the doggies on their leashes outside, got myself a second cup of coffee, and then sat outside under the awning and read most of the day.

Oh, my goodness, is The Help a good read.  And to think it is the author's first novel....amazing.  It completely takes you in and you turn page after page...I was completely engrossed.  Can't wait to see the movie after I finish the book.

Jim had been gone ten hours by the time he got home at 5:30 p.m.  It had been a long day for him.  I made up some Tony Chachere's Jambalaya using Polish sausage and some Texas shrimp I've been saving.  I added some onions and red peppers for flavor.  OMG, it came out wonderful.  I'm not a fan of packaged foods, but this mix is outstanding.  It had a lot of spices with a nice "kick" at the end.  I highly recommend it.

Need to do a little photocopying but then I'm sitting outside with the dogs and continue reading The Help.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. The Help was a great read. The movie was good but the book was better!

  2. I love Tony Catcher's Jambalaya! I actually changed my menu plan for next week to include it when I saw your post. Have not made this in forever!

  3. That stuff sounds great! It made me hungry just reading about it. I arrived in Fun Valley on Wednesday, so had I known you were along, I just might have interrupted your reading! :-) I believe you guys are at the park on the way to Beaver reservoir?

  4. Hi Bobbie! I saw your comment over at Terry's blog and just had to pop over and see what ya'll have been up to. Love Tony Chachere's everything! Great products, especially the Creole seasoning. Cheers cher!

    1. Hay, Marguerite, good to hear from you again!!! We will be in Abbeyville next March and would love to drive up get together with you for lunch or something. Let's plan on it.

  5. Read "The Help"... loved it... sent it on for my daughter to read. While I think Tony Chachare's really adds zing to a dish, it's sure not for a person who watches their salt intake! Bill & I both are on meds for hypertension so are more careful of salt than calories. Bummer! Isn't it great to have a day to yourself? ;-)


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