Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Meet a Fellow Blogger

A couple of years ago a camper, Susie Smeal, told me about her friends' blog Howeth's Travels. Alan and Joan spent summers nearby at Fun Valley, but time got away from both of us and we never actually met.

Then tragedy hit last summer when Joan died in a rafting accident.  Alan revealed his grief  through his blog.  I really connected to him through his words.  Readers saw him through learning to use the on-board washing machine, cooking meals, socializing as a solo.  We saw his shift in becoming more confident, doing a checklist by himself, being the only driver and setting up by himself.

So many things were new to him and he has done so, so well taking it all on.  Without ever meeting him, I was so proud of how he has led his life this last year.  I read his blog through visiting family, planning trips, doctor visits, a surgery requiring a period of a restricted diet, and finally I read he was on his way to South Fork for the summer.  Alan and I promised each other we would meet this summer no matter what.

Alan arrived in South Fork on Wednesday and was knocking on my door on Friday.  I didn't recognize him because he had lost so much weight...he didn't look like his profile photo at all.  After introductions we had a quick chat before a forest service ranger needed to talk  so we made plans to meet for breakfast Saturday.

Jim and I met with Alan for breakfast at Feelin' Good Coffee Shop and enjoyed a good conversation getting acquainted.  We definitely will be visiting each other again.

Joan, Alan is doing would be proud...he is loved and cared for...and, oh, how he loves you!!!

Remember, all of are loved.


  1. Wow! Words fail me. What amazing strength it took for him to continue on this journey alone!

  2. You are way too kind to an old man. Thanks for the kind words. It was a real pleasure and a wonderful lift for me to finally meet and get to visit with you and Jim. Friends like you two are much more support for me than you can ever know. There are no words in our language to express it. Thank you is just not sufficient!!!

  3. Bobbie you look wonderful and so does Alan! What a nice tribute...I've followed his blog too and he is an inspiration to all.
    Love your cover photo..what a beautiful place!

  4. He has come to know what a blessing you and Jim are to all you meet. That's why we love you both !

  5. Alan is looking good. So glad you all could get together. His strength has amazed me. What better place to have breakfast than the Feelin' Good Coffee Shop. Great Buckwheat pancakes if memory serves me. Give Alan our love.

  6. butterbean carpenterMay 31, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    Howdy B&J,
    My pooter has been down and we were out of place for a couple of days, so I'm catching-up; but being an OLD baseball catcher it wasn't hard, except getting down into the squat, without falling on my butt!! Sure glad the girls came by and y'all made contact.. The Alan Howeth blog was too sad and then glad that he's doing so great.. I remember when Joan died and how it shook everyone up!! I read his blog and tried to send a comment, but couldn't read the 'crappy' stuff to send it.. I
    HATE THAT VERIFICATION CRAP!!! Most of the time I lose my comments and it raises my blood-pressure!!! I LIKE YOURS!! I go back now and 'ketch-up' the rest!! Y'all are too!! (ENLH) butterbean


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