Friday, May 4, 2012

Oops…I made a boo-boo!!!


I owe all of my blog readers a big apology...after I published my "hello out there" post I checked my blogspot settings and found out that with their latest update the "notification of comments" had been disabled. I wasn't getting emails that I had comments to moderate.
When I looked at the list of comments I immediately published all 168 comments....yes, I'm embarrassed...I had 168 comments sitting there waiting to be moderated. I'm sorry....I apologize....I think I fixed the problem and maybe I'll just take Laurie Brown's advice and let the comments be published without moderation.

So all your comments should now be sitting correctly by the blog post you commented on. All is well.

Remember, you are loved…and as one of the comments said “remember, you are read”…..pretty cleaver.


  1. Love the cover photo and YES, read and love your blog! Don't spend as much time online with little Hayden and the house and lots things to do, but always keep up with you!
    Hugs and happy Chappy trails!

  2. Hey, let those among us who have never had a computer glitch embarrass us cast the first stone. :-)

    It will not be me and that is for certain!!!

  3. Thanks for the explanation to the big blunder. Now I fill that I have not neglected you both...SHEESH!!!

  4. Ah, the wonderful world of Blogging! Thanks for all the adventures you share, Bobbie. Sending hugs, J&C


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