Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tidball's Come to Visit

I saved all my photos on our new computer, but then our new HP laptop acquired a thin, neon pink line about a quarter the way down the screen.  So my trusty computer guru, Lory, sent it back to HP and they are suppose to send us a new laptop after moving over all our files.  So I don't have some of my earlier photos to blog about.  In the meantime I'll carry forward with our visit with the Tidball's.

While we were still in Alamosa Jim Tidball called to say they were in Lamar, Colorado and wanted to stop by to see us.  I told them to give us a call when they got close. We then drove up to Denver area for an overnight visit with dear friends, Bill Borger and Lesle Thomas. More about that visit in another blog (when I have the photos to post). 

On our way home the next day we stopped at the Texaco station in Walsenburg for an A&W root beer.  Jim went in and I stayed in the car with the dogs. My phone rings and all of a sudden  Jim's hurried voice says "call the Tidball's and tell them to stop"....OK, so what's this all about? but I did what he said. Then I see there is the Tidball's Class A pulling out of the pumps on the other side of the building!!!  Now what's the chances of that happening. Jim T. said he had just told NanC to call us because they were close and their phone rang with my call.  We all had a great laugh about that.

So they followed us up over LaVeta Pass and parked with us at Jim's brother's place, which is now called "Chappy's Campground" LOL.  After a couple of days and several visits to our favorite restaurants, we all drove up to South Fork and spent that night with Rich and Terry at their campground....a party ensued....that's all I'm saying.

Next we moved to Park Creek and all took advantage of the quiet and calm before our season began.  We did take a trip to Creede and I was happy to see the Creed Oil Company survived the winter and is still opened.  I love their 18 year old balsamic vinegar.  We also took a trip to Pagosa Springs which is beautiful.  Here is a collage of our activities.
There was a whole lot of resting and eating going on during this week. The Tidball's wrote up their version of meeting us, I just don't remember much about the party with Rich and Terry...snicker, snicker. You can read the Tidball's blog about our trip to Pagosa Springs. They have some great photos of the area.

We certainly enjoyed our time with Jim and NanC and look forward to seeing them at Betty's RV Park next March.

You are loved.


  1. I am sorry to hear that you are having, "computer issues," I really hate it when that happens. :-)
    It does look like you are endeavoring to persevere however.

  2. It was a great visit. We are already looking forward to returning to the area.


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