Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dinner Out–Dinner In

Last Thursday we went OUT to Creede for dinner with Rita and Jerry Scarbrough.  Kips Grill is a “hip” place with  an interesting menu.



I had a taco plate that had a green chili stuffed with melted cheese, black beans, cabbage, salsa and avocado wrapped in a white corn AND a flour tortilla. Oh, yummy. They serve a Drunken Noodle bowl I want to try next time.


Then dinner IN was with Friday and Saturday when Roberta and Teddy Abeyta came up from Espanola to see us for the weekend, staying at a motel nearby. 




They brought their camper up to store at a local storage place and rented a unit to put all their camping gear and Teddy’s wide array of dutch ovens, cook stands, and cooking disks.  That way they can drive up here in the truck and not have to schlep everything with them each time.  They plan on coming up here every other weekend during the summer and camping with us. That will be so nice.



I really do need to get a tripod so I can be IN some of these photos!





Then as I was driving around Saturday I came across a deer munching on the grass in a nearby field….pretty, aren’t they.


Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Wow! It looks and sounds like you are really having a great start to the summer.

    Me Too!!


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