Monday, June 4, 2012

Jim Gets a Buddy


And this is Buddy


We have a camper friend, Stubby, who trains a chipmunk every summer to come get peanuts from him.  In fact, the chipmunk will actually dive into the pocket of his shirt to get a peanut…and all you see is this bushy tail sticking out of his pocket….funniest thing to see.

So Jim wanted to try and get a chipmunk to eat peanuts from his lap.  So the other day I bought some raw, unsalted peanuts and Jim started throwing a few around to entice some chipmunk.


CIMG0150Sure enough, here comes this double stripped one.  Slowly Jim got him closer and closer and Buddy worked his way up to eating a peanut from Jim’s shoe, then his leg and finally up onto his lap and chest.

















I was taking pictures and up comes Buddy onto my knee looking for something to eat.



 Even a Blue Jay (which we call Camp Robbers cause they swoop down and take things right off the table) got into the action and came and got a peanut.


So I suspect we will have daily visits of Buddy looking for his peanuts and Jim “training” him more and more until Jim gets Buddy to go into his shirt pocket for peanuts.

Anybody know why I have that white stripe under my photographs?  I can’t get rid of it and it is annoying!!!  There’s also a shadow effect on the right side of all the photos.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. So cute!!! Better watch out or Buddy will bring the whole family! LOL

  2. Now that's cool * that chipmunk going to have a good summer. We had camp robbers eating out of our hands one year while camping in Colorado .we thought that was cool.enjoyed the pic's (THE Berry's RV TRAVELS ).Darren

  3. After I posted about the white stip, it appeared.. Mybe I should have another beer..

  4. hmmm...I wonder if it's a flaw with the theme, itself? Have you tried to cover it up with a border?

  5. That is just too cute. I wonder though whether you really want that little critter wanting those peanuts so much? He might just get a little more aggresive than you are comfortable with. Those Stellar's Jays are beautiful birds.

  6. Love that little chipmunk -- so what does beanie and wienie think about sharing their Daddy witn a chipmunk!

  7. Really fun,Bobbie. I can just imagine Jim patiently teaching his little buddy! Hope you guys have a wonderful summer. Hugs, J&C

  8. Is that a stellers jay? Doesn't look right for a blue jay.

  9. Do you create in Windows Live Writer? If so, click an image then click photo format. There are different frames so that might be one of the options. Check it in preview mode.

  10. Haven't seen a new postin awhile--guess y'all are busy

  11. It's always fun to feed the chipmunks but watch your fingers! Yup that's a Stellar's Jay but we often refer to them generically as blue jays haha!


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