Thursday, June 28, 2012

Computer Kaput

So I closed down my computer on night and the next morning it wouldn't open.  All I got was a light gray screen which turned into a dark gray screen and there it stayed...nothing...not even the blue screen of death.

Lory said she thought it was the processor gone bad.  So back it goes again to HP for a new one or repaired one.  Dang!!!!!  Luckily we still have this Acer that we can use.  But then the internet service hasn't been very good the last few days so I am once again at the Wolf Creek Ranch using their wifi.  I'll try to put together a few blog posts with current The Two Lindas visiting...latest antics of Buddy the Chipmunk...Jim's tolerance of my vegan lifestyle (I've lost 9 pounds so far).  It takes me longer now because I lost Windows Live Writer on this older computer so have to compose in blogger per se and you know how time consuming inserting photos take that way.

Be patient we are fine; worried about wildfires as it is so dry; eating lots of veggies and fruits (no more Metamucil needed) and preparing for 4th of July campers craze.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Must be a bad week for HP computers! Mine crashed on Tuesday so I feel your pain. Good luck with it.

  2. Good to know all is well and just having the to often technology problems .looking forward to the chipmonk up date .

  3. Hugs to all of you....where are you heading this winter?

    1. Molly, we're going back to south Texas and be gate guards at the oil wells again. Good money, great people.

  4. Sorry about your computer. I just recently discovered Live Writer and love it. But, while using blogger, if you upload your photos to Google+ or Picasa Web Albums, it is really easy to put them in your blog. You have to be online to do it, however.


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