Friday, June 29, 2012

The Two Lindas and Chipmunk Training

The Two Lindas took a week's vacation from their job at Texas Advertising (they sell advertising for and create the maps for commercial campgrounds) and drove down from Breckenridge to spend five days with us at Park Creek Campground.

Jim continues to feed/train the chipmunks daily. At 4:00 p.m. the chipmunks are outside looking for Jim and their daily ration of raw peanuts.  If he isn't outside then they squeak and make sounds till he goes outside.  So now instead of having Buddy II, Jim calls him Squeaky.

Squeaky even went to Linda S. begging for some peanuts.  She's telling him "go to Jim over there".

Jim is really enjoying cooking on the "disk" and here he fixed us breakfast burritos using the disk.

Jim took the side windows down and rolled up the roof on the Jeep and we drove The Lindas to Creede for a visit.  We all wanted to get some more flavored balsamic vinegar at the Creede Olive Oil Company.  You can read about the trip on The Lindas blog here.

The next day Lindas X Two went to the Great Sand Dunes outside of Alamosa and also Zapata Falls.  They took some wonderful photos that you can see here.

We've enjoyed several meals together....Jim has been on his own to come up with something to eat as The Lindas X Two are basically vegetarian.  This was supper one night...fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes from a farmer's market the girls brought with them, deviled eggs and shaved balsamic infused Parmesan cheese with Sabra hummus and multi-grain crackers.  I think Jim made himself a PBJ after eating the deviled eggs...a fav of his.
Oops, time to go, so more tomorrow on what all we did during The Lindas X Two visit.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Tell Jim he better sleep with his disk I have my eye

  2. Those chipmunks are sure cute but keep an eye on your fingers!

  3. Bobbie: If you ever get to OR, you'll have to visit Gianni's for Balsamic vinegars. Check out their website. Bev Deem


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