Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mountain Sheep

Way back in early May when Jim and NanC Tidball were visiting, we took a trip to Creede.  On the way we came across a small herd of mountain sheep in the Wagon Wheel Gap/Cottonwood Cove area.  First time we have seen mountain sheep in this area of the valley.

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats (4)

Mountain Goats (1)

Originally Jim thought they were mountain goats, but forest service rep looked at the photos and said they were female mountain sheep that hadn’t grown the curve in their horns yet.

One of the baby sheep stayed on the other side of the road alone, but pretty soon here came mama from up the hill back down and across the street and pretty much “butted” the baby in the behind to coax him/her across the street and up the hill with the rest of the herd.  Cute to watch and listen to the baby baying his/her protest of being moved.

I just wanted to get the photos up on the blog so I’d have them available for later.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Good pic's ' yall look pritty close . "thanks for posting "

  2. Wow! I have heard for years that there were mountain sheep in the area of Cottonwood cove but I have never seen them in all the years we have been coming up here. Wonderful pics.

  3. Love seeing the mountain sheep nice job photographing! Thanks for bringing the West to my home in Fl.

    Annette R. (Kip's mom)

  4. great pics of mountain sheep.


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