Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reshowing of Cactus Queen 2008

Last Thursday was a “free day” at the reunion here in Quartzsite, so some of us got together for dinner at Taco Mio.

TacoMia (2)      TacoMia (3)

TacoMia (1)

Then we came back to the campsite and used Hank Landry’s outside TV to watch the DVD of the 2008 Cactus Queen Contest at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande, AZ.  We absolutely ROARED with laughter at the antics of the “ladies”.

This is how it looked from the side of Hank’s rig.

DesertQueenReact (15)
I cropped these shots so you can see them close up. Click on any photo to increase the size.

DesertQueenReact (16)
Jim Chapman
DesertQueenReact (17)
Jim Cumberland
DesertQueenReact (18)
Paul Anderson
DesertQueenReact (19)
Howie Glover
DesertQueenReact (20)
Joe Jones
DesertQueenReact (15)
Jay Carter
DesertQueenReact (11)
Finalists, Howie Glover and Sal Tumolo
DesertQueenReact (12)
Queen Sal with his/her Court

DesertQueenReact (14)

Nick Russell, Joe Jones, Paul Anderson, Howie Glover, Jim Cumberland, Jim Chapman, Sal Tumolo, Jay Carter, and Bob Pinner.

We had such a good time viewing this DVD together. Remember, you are loved.

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