Thursday, January 19, 2012

Class of 2007 Memorial

Mike Bubar spent two full days smoking three pork butts…low and slow requiring eight hours a piece. We had three different types of barbecue sauce and lots of sides.  What a feast we made out here in the desert.

After shredding the pork it was kept warm in crock pots using two generators-clever
Double line spread
Linda serving out the pork

In the last four years we have lost four of our members.  We wanted to acknowledge them during our reunion.  Jim and Linda Fleeger put together a simple ceremony of memories.  There were two trays of votive candles in sand with a photograph of Keith Curry, Patty Landry, Paul Anderson and Jay Carter.  Most of us have seen our classmates several times on the road during the last four years, so it was hard losing them.

Jim did an introduction and then several members of the group stood and talked about memories they had.  Jim finished with a moving poem. 

CIMG9373 CIMG9374
CIMG9376 CIMG9378


We laughed and cried, cherishing those wonderful people we were privileged to know, if only for a little while.  We’ll see you down the road.

Remember, you are loved.

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