Monday, January 30, 2012

Balmorhea-Segovia-Whitsett, Texas

We left Deming on Thursday and drove to a cute little Passport America park in Belmorhea, Texas, called Saddleback Mountain RV Park.  It’s behind the gas station/convenience store off I-10.  The sites are divided by pretty cacti gardens. For $10 it was very nice.



We continued our drive across Texas on I-10, up and down hills with some interesting scenery.


This next photo Jim said to tell you, “we’ve seen Boot Hill and here you have Boob Hill”


We stopped at a TERRIBLE Passport park IMHO called Segovia RV Park in Segovia, Texas, on Friday.  It’s by the Eco no Lodge (where you pay your fee) but it was just a very bad gravel lot…several water faucets didn’t work.  But we were tired and it had been a long day with lots of miles, so we shelled out $13 and spent the night.  Certainly would not recommend it.

Come Saturday we arrived at Gate Guard Services in Whitsett, Texas, around 2 p.m.  In this photo you can see Hwy 37 on the right side that leads to Corpus Christie.


The lot was full-meaning the five full hook-up sites were occupied, so we snuggled up to a utility pole nearby that had two 50 amp outlets set-up.  After hooking up I was greeted by Debbie who writes a gate guard blog called Fork In the Road that I have been reading for a while.  Debbie is a very good writer who blogs with humor and honesty. I enjoy her insights into gate guarding. 
This is Debbie on the left and friend Heidi on the right.


Thank you, Debbie and Heidi, for taking so much time sharing  your experiences in gate guarding with Linda and I.  Our talk was very informative and helpful, and I know I will be putting it to use when we get our own gate…hopefully soon.  More next time.

Remember, you are loved.

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