Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Pink Store-Palomas, Mexico

We arrived in Deming, New Mexico, and hurriedly set up. Off we went heading south passed the border check point to Columbus, then past the Poncho Villa State Park and finally arrived.  The 34 mile trip seemed to crawl by on a gun-barrel straight road.

Palomas, Mexico (2)

It’s only a short block-long walk from the parking lot across the border.  There isn’t much in Palomas besides The Pink Store; a couple of dentists and eye glass places, but it is pretty much a quiet little town with a few kids hanging around the border with their hands out asking for money.

Palomas, MX

We went directly to the restaurant part of the store because it was now 2 p.m. and hunger was setting in. Here are the sights we saw around us as we waited for the food.

Palomas, Mexico (3)

Palomas, Mexico (4)

Ah, margaritas arrived--yummmmm!!! They make their margaritas from scratch so there is fresh squeezed limes, fine sugar, etc.  Then all the food.
Palomas, Mexico (6)        Palomas, Mexico (7)

Palomas, Mexico (8)

We were happy campers!!! The food was great as always - we even had a second margarita.  Does it show???

Palomas, Mexico (5)

We went to the back of the store and looked through the glassware and immense inventory of pottery, picking out a few things for family and friends.

Palomas, Mexico (9)         Palomas, Mexico (10)

Palomas, Mexico (13)           Palomas, Mexico (14)

Jim Mossman tried on a terrific hat - we all thought he should have bought it, but the defining question, where do you store it in an RV?

Palomas, Mexico (12)          Palomas, Mexico (11)

We left a couple of hours later quickly walking through the U.S. Customs without any waits, and walking to our truck in a parking lot with only a couple of other vehicles.  Much different from the border crossing and parking lots at Algodones that can take an hour or more to get through.

We are staying an extra day in Deming so we can wash RVs and trucks, clean the rigs and wash clothes….oh, and of course, go back down to Palomas to have another lunch at The Pink Store!!!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Great pix of the pink store and Palomas. Many fewer street vendors, looks like. Looking forward to your posts from the Whittset staging area and your first gate assignment.


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