Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Class of 2007 Reunion and Quartzsite

Monday we left Quartzsite and headed for Tucson as the first leg of our trip to Texas to be gate guards on an oil/gas field somewhere.  Here we get a nice send off by our classmates.


We had lots of fun with our classmates with many opportunities to visit during the day, around campfires and several food gatherings.  We went to the Escapees RV Club Happy Hour on last week. They had had 400 club members on Wednesday and on Thursday they had about 300.

Here is Betty Bear (sp?) who is member #42!!!!
Escapees Hapy Hour (2)
Escapees Hapy Hour (1)
Lots of folks attended

We worked last Sunday at the American Land and Leisure booth and then toured the Big Tent for an hour.  There were more RV related booths this year than we have in the past. No bead booths or popcorn blouses this year LOL.



We did see a spontaneous flash dance conducted by some ladies who carried their own boom box and performed a very good line dance and then suddenly dispersed.





As we walked around the Big Tent we saw some old friends, Marty and Ed, working the booth for Adventureland.  We met them when we worked for in Coffeyville, Kansas.  It was nice to chat for a little while.

As we left Quartzsite and drove east on I-10 there were some nice photo shots.

CIMG9459 CIMG9468
CIMG9471 CIMG9466
Love the saguaros

We arrived at Snider Hill BLM land in Tucson, which is one of our favorite places to boondock. We spent a month here back in 2008 with the Burbars and Glovers, enjoying an Easter dinner with other campers there.   We called our friends Marcie and Jim Cumberland who have been staying in the area and had them come over for a visit (we were not unhooking).  The Cumberland’s  are also alumni from Coffeyville, Kansas. It was so nice to see them again.  Love Marcie’s new hairdo and Jim’s “Santa” beard is growing longer.

CIMG9463 CIMG9464

Once again traveling with Linda and Jim Mossman, we took off Tuesday morning and arrived in Deming, New Mexico around 1 p.m.  Tomorrow’s blog will be photos of our trip to Palomas, Mexico, and The Pink Store….that is definitely a blog post all of it’s own!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Woo Hoo a Boomer Flash Mob at Q ! Yep Boomers rock !

  2. I love the new look and the picture doesn't dissapear, Yea! Looks like everyone had tons of fun.


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