Monday, January 16, 2012

Desert Bar in Parker

Saturday eight of the Class of 2007 drove up to Parker, AZ to visit The Desert Bar, now being also called The Solar Bar.  It’s a unique bar opened only on weekends from noon till 5 p.m. closed June, July and August; everything is run by solar power.

You have to be determined to get to the bar because it is about five miles off the main highway through some pretty rugged and bumpy terrain.
CIMG9264     CIMG9268

But once you get there here is what you see
There use to be a mine in the area called the Nellie B and this area was frequented by a lot of four-wheelers.  The owner bought the land in 1975, opened the first bar in 1983.  The existing bar opened in 1988.  Even a church was built of steel on the premises, although there aren’t any services held there, many weddings are held in front. It’s not a full church, just a church frontCIMG9274CIMG9281

The bar has many unique features like heavy steel bathroom doors --- look at the welded door hinges.





And the bathrooms have an opened area for the sinks, so you wash your hands and look right outside.  Look at the fun sinks and faucets.  Sorry for the light photos, but the sun was really shining in.
CIMG9282       CIMG9283

CIMG9277 CIMG9278
CIMG9285 CIMG9280

Here is our happy Class of 2007 gang

In front Jim and NanC Tidball, Bobbie and Sal Tumolo and in back Jim and I along with Ron and Linda Fleeger.

When we got back to La Posa South in Quartzsite we had a little football party outside Hank Landry’s rig.  Hank serve hot dogs and we all brought snacks, watching the game on his outdoor TV. When it got too cold some of the folks came into our rig to watch the rest of the game….unfortunately the Broncos forgot to come to the game.

BroncoPatriotsGame (1) BroncoPatriotsGame (2)
BroncoPatriotsGame (3) BroncoPatriotsGame (4)

It was a full and fun-pack day for the Class of 2007… slept well!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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