Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Truck is back

We got our truck back late Monday morning so we were able to move out of Suntides RV Park and down the road a few miles to one of the Mossman’s friends’ house.  Abel Marichalar is a great guy and a good friend to Jim and Linda.  We’ve heard so many stories about him the last two years we were very excited to meet him and his wife, Sherry.  Abel offered us a place to stay while the Mossman’s truck was being fixed so we moved over Tuesday.

First Jim moved us over and then went back to Suntides and brought the Mossman’s RV over to Abel’s.  The Marichalar’s have a beautiful home in a canyon with a beautiful outdoor kitchen that is great for entertainment….which we did last Saturday…oh, what a party that was!

So we are in Abel’s “back 40”.  It is grassed and so very quiet…no highway noise or trains going by LOL. We will enjoy our stay here very much.  Being in a canyon we don’t have cell or aircard service, so my blog posts will be hit and miss this next week.  Right now we are in a Denny’s parking lot surfing the web with our aircard.

The Mossman’s truck was finally approved by the Ford extended warranty representative for a completely new engine, radiator, oil coolant system, etc.  So we will be here about another week till that all gets done.  Check out the Mossman’s blog for the complete story.

I’ll try driving out of the canyon once a day so I can post our blog and check Facebook….got to see how our friends are doing.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Howdy B&J,

    Maybe you and the Mossmans oughta split up!!!

    Now that the 'hot' engine will start you'll probably just sit still all of the time and it'll cool off to where it will start every time...
    It sure is nice to have friends and friends of friends.. One reason we don't go; no friends..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!!!!


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