Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ready to Pull Out of South Fork

Linda Mossman helped me go through all my cabinets and drawers and acted as my “enforcer” to make sure I got rid of anything I didn’t need or hadn’t used in six months.  Boy is she strict!!!! But I threw away a lot of stuff and had two containers of donations. Then we reorganized everything and it all looks neat and orderly.

Jim must have taken the hint because he took everything out of the basement and reshuffled, reorganized and threw away stuff.  It sure looks nice for the beginning of our traveling season.

Yesterday we all went to Alamosa for our last minute shopping and booze run.  Booze here is cheaper than we have found it anywhere else….except Illinois.  So we bought a 6 bottle case of Mist and it will last us till we return in the spring.  I’m limited to a glass of wine a day, so that helped a lot.  But I did buy one bottle of EJ VSOP brandy…..for medicinal purposes only, of course.

Yesterday we went in early so we could have breakfast at Campus Cafe and have their tasty Denver omelet with their wonderful green chili.  I was tempted to get a cinnamon roll, but they are just too darn big….at least 8 inches across….for just one!

After our running around we had a late lunch-early dinner at Chili’s to celebrate Jim Mossman’s birthday.  They had ribs and I had the shrimp.  It was very nice.

God bless my computer guru and friend, Lory Sanchez, as she took time out of working with a client to help Jim Mossman and I figure out how to use our backup programs at her client’s business. OK, now we can do regular backups….thank you, Lory!

We finally got home about 6:15 p.m.  Oh, those poor dogs!!! They were in their crates for 10 hours….they sure made a beeline to the bushes!!!

Salai is coming over today to spend the day and evening with us one last time before we leave the area.  She’s bring us some freshly roasted Hatch’s green chile.  We decided to bring a gallon with us.  I’ll portion them out into one cup per bag and freeze them.  It will take up a bit of room in the freezer, but they are worth it.  Although I am limiting my meat consumption, I do use ground turkey on occasion and will use the green chile and turkey to make Green Chili Stew.  We also like to use the green chile in scrambled eggs and on burgers….Morning Star for me.

There are certain local products I stock up on before we leave.  We really like Rice-A-Roni Mexican Rice….not the Spanish rice, but the Mexican rice.  Such a different taste and we can’t always find it on the road.  We also like Pueblo Chile Salsa that comes out of Pueblo, Colorado.  It is expensive at $5.79 a jar, but we get 4 jars for special occasions.  Then there is Sweet Baby Ray Barbecue Sauce….can’t always find it at a Walmart on the road, so I keep two extra just in case. 

Tomorrow we move from the campground to Moon Valley RV Park, also in South Fork.  They have a “3 nights for $30” deal we will take advantage of.  We want to have unlimited electricity and water to wash the exterior of the rig, clean the windows and screens and vacuum real good.  I’ll start on oiling all the wood cabinets and drawers, but there is so much wood in RVs that I’ll probably not get it all done.  Colorado has such little humidity that the wood dries out so bad.  We like to oil all the wood with Old English twice a year to keep it in good shape.

We hope to visit our daughters and grandkids in Santa Fe on Monday.  It will be a fast trip down and back, but we’d like to spend some time with them before we leave. 

We’ll head for Grand Junction next Wednesday and then northwest towards Yakima, Washington. After a week in Yakima there are no plans….we freelance from then on till we arrive in Yuma sometime in November.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Say folks,you taking the fall off. We should be in az. around mid nov. Know of some good DDD in Phonix.

    Play safe & drive careful,
    Sandy & Mike

  2. Can't believe that we will be missing you by days! We're coming through Alamosa on our way to Great Sand Dunes next week. Excited for you about your trip to the NW though. We love that area and know that you will have a good time. Hugs, J&C


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