Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Set of Three Shoes-More Problems

First set of three problem shoes were:
1.  Propane alarm going off
2.  Truck won’t start when hot
3.  Aiming DISH satellite trouble

OK, got new propane regulator, truck in the shop, got a local retired DISH installer to determine we needed a new LMB.  Luckily, Mike had an old LMB at his house so we used that and finally got our satellite working.

Second set of three shoes to fall started an hour later!

1.  We got a strong wind storm and before Jim could get the awning down it got slammed around a bit.  The screws pulled out of the housing holding the awning arms attached to the RV!
2.  The housing on the newly mounted LMB got cracked when the wind storm toppled the whole DISH tripod.
3._______________________ still opened and ready to be filled in.

Man oh man, our luck has got to turn around pretty quick….these “shoes” dropping is getting old…… and they hurt!!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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