Sunday, September 25, 2011

Solutions-Propane Leak & Truck Problem

Well, as some of my Facebook friends already now we have had a propane problem with our propane alarm going off.  Jim’s research found the problem, a leaking high pressure regulator. 

C6121#2049__21478_stdOurs is for our split cylinder application, where we have one on one side of the 5th wheel and one propane tank on the other side, they are not side by side.  We couldn’t find this type of pressure regulator anywhere, so we had to order it online and have it sent to Yakima.  It arrived last Wednesday and Jim installed it and all is well once again….one problem fixed, two to go!

Next was to get the truck checked out, so we made an appointment for the next day in Yakima.  HOWEVER, 50 miles outside of Yakima in Prosser, WA Jim Mossman pulled over to the side of the road because he was losing power in his truck. He couldn’t find anything, so we started off again and he stopped again.  When he popped the hood the coolant reservoir was erupting gunk like Mt. St. Helen…his oil coolant had failed.  He had to be towed…it was bad.

So Jim and I proceeded to Yakima with our rig and got it set up at Suntides RV Park (which is lovely and so well kept), then my Jim returned to Prosser and picked up the Mossman’s RV and brought it to Yakima, while their truck was towed to a Ford dealership.  They originally thought they would only have to replace the Mossman’s oil coolant, but come Thursday they were told they had to have a whole new engine!!!!  OMG!!! Luckily the Mossman’s have an extended warranty, so they are just waiting for the last approval to have the new engine ordered….that will be a $20,000 savings to them. It will take 3 days to get the new engine delivered and another 2 days to put it it. 

Now back to our truck…..happily we have found the problem this time…..remember this not starting when hot issue has happened to us three times in the last two years and no one has been able to identify the problem….Bob Hall’s Sunfair Chevy dealership accomplished that.  We have a bad fuel pressure regulator, leaking fuel filter housing and they suggested we clean the fuel injectors.  Luckily, the fuel injectors checked out and they did not have to be replaced as Jim had feared (that’s a $4,000 savings). 

Our truck is suppose to be ready Monday, which is good because we have to be out of the RV park Tuesday.  At $180 a week we can only afford to stay here one week.  Jim will move both our rigs to a friend of the Mossman’s house where we can both park for a while.  We both want to stick around here a few days after our trucks our repaired to make sure there aren’t any issues.

So that is our status now.  Both trucks in for repairs.  The Mossman’s did get a free rental from the Ford dealership in Prosser so we have some transportation at least.  We’ve had some fun happy hours with the Mossman’s Yakima friends stopping by most every night.

We haven’t done any sightseeing or anything.  Luckily we have no pressing engagements so we can saunter around after our trucks are fixed.

Thanks for all the suggestions and kind words of encouragement.  And always remember, you are loved!!!!!

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  1. Have been thinking about all of you and your mechanical issues. So glad you found the problem...sorry to hear that Jim and Linda had a major problem with theirs. That would make ya sick to hear you need a new engine. Hugs to you both ! Luv ya.


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