Friday, September 16, 2011

Keep the suggestions coming

We’ve had a few suggestions on why our truck won’t start. Added information, it only won’t start when the engine is hot, or after we have driven a considerable distance.  Seems it will start again after the engine has cooled down.

Does that tweak any other suggestions?


  1. Had this happen to a class A we had. It was a electronic circuit board component failure, when it became heat saturated. As long as we started cold and then kept moving down the road, the air flow kept it cool and stable. But when we stopped and shut the engine off, the rise in temperatures under the hood made the circuit board and it's components become heat saturated. That effected the engine timing and it wouldn't start. As soon as it cooled down, it would start readily. The mechanic said that it was pretty common in models with certain electronic circuit boards.

  2. Had a car that would do that. It got to the point where I carried two sets of I could leave it running and still be able to lock/unlock it. Only did it when it was running for a while and then shut it off. Got a different one.

  3. Go for the trade Jim. Join the rest of us. I had a 2002 Chevy Duramax. Never really had that same problem, but we did have to change the ground wire on the battery's quit expensive. You know when you one problem after a while another seems to follow.
    Good luck.


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