Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bye, Naomi - hello Grand Junction

Tuesday we went to put the Jeep in storage in Alamosa.  I had my last visit with my dear friend, Naomi, at the nursing home.  It is always a bittersweet experience for me as I am anxious to get on the road again after being stationery for five months, get I hate saying goodbye to Naomi for seven months.  I took her for a walk so she could see her beloved Mt. Blanca and feel the sun on her back…..which she really enjoys.  Then a couple of photo shots and I left….crying.  Naomi will be 96 in a few months and you never know…..

See Mt. Blanca in the background?
Artwork in neighbors yard
CIMG8044 CIMG8045

I wanted a photo/artwork of Mt. Blanca to take with us as it represents Alamosa to me.  Sheryl Benson, a co-worker I worked with at the library and her husband, Gary, sell wooden figurines and paintings at arts and craft fairs on the weekends in the summer.  Gary paints beautiful scenes of New Mexico and Colorado.  I asked him to paint me a scene of Mt. Blanca.  I think he did a wonderful job!  The barn wood frame just sets it off perfectly….thank you Gary Benson!


Our first day traveling took us from South Fork towards Saguache and then over to Gunnison, Montrose and finally Grand Junction.  Here is some scenery we saw on the way.

Looks like the background of our new business cards!
CIMG8050 CIMG8059
CIMG8061 CIMG8055
CIMG8062 CIMG8065

We ended our day at Rabbit Valley I-70 West at Exit 2 on the Colorado side.  It was just a big parking lot on BLM land, but there wasn’t any highway noise and it was very quiet.  We had happy hour, of course.   







Can’t leave out the puppies.  They wanted out to play too, but they have a tendency to go wandering.


So that was our first day on the road.  Remember, you are loved!


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful winter and find your friend Naomi alive and well when you return next summer.

    Be Safe!

  2. Your pics made me miss Colorado! Naomi is gonna out live us all ~ she looks just like she did 15 years ago!


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