Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The luxury of full hook-ups

Oh, the luxury of living with full hook-ups (electricity, water and sewer). For the past four months we’ve been boondocking (living without hook-ups).  So when we moved over to Moon Valley RV Park here in South Fork to clean up for our trip, we were in heaven!

The first night Jim and I marveled at being able to stay up and watch TV after 10 p.m. and then the next morning we could put the TV on before 8 a.m., which were the generator hours at the campground.  We haven’t seen Jay Leno or David Letterman since  May.  We switched the water heater from propane to electricity, so we had hot water all the time…..oh, what a luxury!!! To take a shower without having to remember to turn on the water heater first…or wash dishes without giving it a second thought to whether the water was hot or not. Oh, it was heaven.

Same goes for needing water without hearing the water pump running every single time (it does get irritating at times). That’s also true to needing electricity and not having to go outside and starting the generator….what a luxury!

We can use all the electric appliances we want without blowing a breaker or causing the generator to run too hard. My favorite is having the laptop fully charged all the time. Usually Jim gets up early and he starts playing Spider Solitaire. Although he tries to leave me half the battery life, it always runs out before I’m finished surfing the net and before 8 a.m. so I couldn’t turn on the generator (remember the generator hours?).  So it is a wonderful luxury to be able to get on the internet and stay on as long as I want to.

Don’t get me wrong, we love boondocking…..I’m not complaining….it’s just nice having all the amenities once in a while.  It’s like having a nice home, but enjoy staying in a nice hotel once in a while.  It’s a treat!  That’s how I feel about having full hook-ups.  It’s a luxury…a treat to enjoy once in a while…I don’t take having full hook-ups for granted.

We’re off to drop off the Jeep at Jim’s brothers’ in Alamosa.  It will stay there for the winter and be available to us next Spring.  Then I’ll have my last visit of the year with my ~96 year old girlfriend, Naomi, in the nursing home.  That will be a hard visit…..

We had to cancel our trip to Santa Fe to see our daughters because we have a problem with our propane.  The propane detector keeps going off and we need to find the problem before we head out.  Temperatures are dipping and although we have an electric heater, we need propane to cook and later to heat us.  Jim now thinks it’s a leaking regulator, but they don’t have a new one here.  So another thing to pick up in Alamosa.

Tomorrow we leave South Fork and head for Grand Junction as our first stop on our trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it…………………….

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Oh, Bobbie, I know EXACTLY what you mean! One of the great things about RV's is the flexibility that allows us to stay in out-of-the-way places and still have convenient services, and I am so grateful for that... and it makes us all that much more appreciative when we have FHU! Unlimited hot water (well, not totally unlimited, of course, but hot water without advance thought!); a computer that is already fired up and ready to go, no recharging required; TV or any other appliance when you want it, even when you aren't in bed and asleep by 10 pm!

    When we lived in our home, I never thought about hot water, where our poop went, or how many appliances I used throughout the day. RV'ing gave me a new appreciation for water, for heat, for light, for a modern sewage system... a GOOD thing.

    Soon you'll be off on your Pacific NW adventure. We'll be in Oregon until the end of the month... maybe our paths will cross. Safe travels!

  2. We have never boondocked. Guess I am missing out on something, but we aren't set up for it. We do spend a lot of times in State Parks and have only electricity. The water pump does get a little annoying after a few days. Can't imagine having it all summer. Enjoy your full hookup.

  3. Exactly! We love boondocking, too, but lots of hot water, being able to do laundry and unlimited computer and tv are pretty nice!! See you this winter.


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