Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day - 2011

We spent our last weekend at work with friends…what could be better? First we had a return visit of The Two Lindas for five days. I really enjoy when they stop by because they eat the way I do and they bring bunches of veggies to share.  They left the day before the Abeyta’s arrived.


The Abeyta Family from Española, NM came up for the extended weekend.  Although we met them first as campers at Big Meadows back in 2007, we have become friends and talk to each other several times during the year as we travel.  They come up to South Fork twice during the summer and have visited us the 4th of July in Park Creek and again last week here in Lower Beaver Creek Campground.

Teddy Abeyta is a master Dutch Oven cook.  He puts up an elaborate “kitchen” tent when he comes complete with a Dutch Oven table, a two burner stove table and a deep fried turkey cooker burner.  That’s the blue kitchen tent on the left.







Teddy cooked steaks one night to celebrate his own birthday.

CIMG8021 CIMG8022
CIMG8023 CIMG8029
Mossman’s Cowboy Beans with hamburger
Zucchini, corn and cheese casserole
Teddy adding “Teddy’s Crème Soda” to dry cake mix over fresh peach and raspberries
The finished cobbler!

The next night Teddy made a pork butt in the Dutch Oven cooked slow and low.  Oh, my, was it good!!!!

When the Abeyta’s first arrived I looked for my “cooking disk” that Teddy had promised me, but Teddy told me he forgot it…..arggggggg…..OK, we could pick it up when we go to Santa Fe next week to visit our daughters, OK, you are forgiven Teddy.  I didn’t know that Teddy told Jim (and everyone else) that what he was cooking on all weekend WAS my cooking disk.  He used it to heat up slices of sausage and jalapenos for happy hour.  It will be great to cook up a mess of scrambled eggs out in Quartzsite, AZ, this winter.

When they were ready to leave, Teddy handed me the cooking disk.  Boy was I surprised.  Now I have to find a deep-fried turkey burner to use it with.  I love the horseshoes he used for “handles”.

CIMG8036         CIMG8038

So we ended up our summer camphost season with great friends and eating wonderful food cook with love.  Thank you Linda B. and Linda S. for choosing to spend time with us in between your work assignments; thank you The Abeyta Family with Tim and Paulo for choosing to spend your holiday weekend with us…..we so enjoyed you all.


Remember, you are loved.

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