Sunday, April 24, 2011


My friend Naomi is in a nursing home and every spring when I come home her son has me shop for a few new shirts for her.  She likes cotton shirts with a collar and for the last couple of years I’ve had to buy her shirts from the men’s department to get the collars.  The color choices were limited to beige, white, blues.  So I was really happy last week when I found a good selection of colorful, cotton, women’s shirts with collars at Walmart.  I bought her four shirts.  They looked so nice on her and fit her so well that yesterday I went and bought her three more, so she’ll have a new shirt for every day of the week.  She was so tickled!!!  At her age of 95 that isn’t easy to do.

CIMG7408 CIMG7410

It was hard to say goodbye to Naomi, as we were moving up to South Fork yesterday and I won’t see her but every two weeks for the summer. Alamosa is 65 miles away from our campground and with diesel at $4.09/gal, we don’t go to town but every two weeks.

While I was visiting Naomi with our Jeep, Jim moved the rig up to South Fork Campground, which our friends, Rich and Terry manage.  We’ll stay here until May 1 when we’ll move into our national forest campground.  We hadn’t seen Rich and Terri since we all left Abbeville, LA, in early March, as they visited Hondo/San Antonio while we were in Jasper, TX. So it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them.

Yesterday was Rich’s birthday, so Jim and I bought a bunch of country style ribs to barbeque. I stuck to my veggie lifestyle and had MorningStar BBQ Riblets, which were very, very good. You’d never know they weren’t meat.  I cooked up some cole slaw and potato salad and we all had a feast!!!

This morning I baked cranberry scones that we all shared.  We’re having Easter dinner together, so I baked some brownies and will make scalloped potatoes, squash/zucchini casserole and heat up the ham.  Terri is making rolls and deviled eggs.  I feel another feast in the making. It’s nice to share holiday meals with friends.

Hope your Easter is full of great food and that you share your meal with people you love.


  1. Cute shirts, great find! Want your cranberry scone recipe, sounds yummy, Happy Easter!

  2. Sounds like the rib feast was delicious! I, also, would love a copy of your cranberry scone recipe please. Love scones!!!


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