Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weather extremes

Today we are really feeling a weather extreme.  Lows this morning of 27 and high of 72…that’s a 45 degree difference….in just one day….crazy.

We’ve just been fooling around getting ready to move up to the mountains in South Fork, Colorado, on Friday to start our camphosting job for the summer.

I gave the dogs a bath yesterday, Jim got an oil change on the truck, went to the library for a supply of books.

Crowders May 2010

We had lunch with our friends, Sandy and Charley Crowder.  They manage San Luis Lakes State Park outside of Alamosa. They have about 50 camp sites there.  The Crowders have a home in Florida and come out here for the summers. They had been fulltimers for some 15 years or so, but now have a stick and brick and travel in their car.

We heard from our Boomer friends,  Marie and Dave Dengate, and they have arrived in the area to work as volunteers at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We plan on going to see them tomorrow.

Then our RV friends, Rich and Terry Deacon, have already opened South Fork Campground which they manage. 

Between the seven campgrounds Jim and I manage and the three camping areas managed by our friends above, we are able to advise campers of vacancies during the summer.  Pretty neat network!

I bought a new pair of slippers yesterday at Treasure Alley, a fun and eclectic gift store in Alamosa. They are stretchy and fuzzy with rubber sole so I can wear them outside. They fit sizes 6-13 so fit nicely.  Hay, Linda Mossman, need another pair of slippers? They come in all colors.

CIMG4357 CIMG4359

Today we are going to pick up the keys from the forest service and drive up to check out the campgrounds and see how much snow is still on he ground.  We also need to kind of measure the host space at Park Creek Campground to make sure our “new to us” rig will fit.   I’ll take pictures to show you tomorrow.


  1. We leave today to go pick up our 5er, then rush around to get ready for Trujillo Meadows Campground. Those eclectic slippers are pretty wild. They must be battery operated if you can wear them outside. He, he, yeh, I know, eclectic / electric, he, he, he, us rednecks don' know much about that there eclectic stuff. See you guys soon !


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