Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch up

We are not getting very good reception with our aircard, so haven’t been able to get online to post to our blog the last few days.

Today we came to Alamosa to bring in water samples to be tested, so I’m at the public library (where I use to work) and the aircard is working great here. 

Sunday Jim and I “treated” three of the well with Clorox and let them sit for 24 hours and then yesterday we drew samples to be tested for bacteria at a lab in Alamosa. I should have taken pictures but I didn’t.  These wells use hand pumps to pump out the water and Jim had to pump each at least 75 times before we could take a sample….no easy task.  Next month I’ll remember to take photos of the procedure as it is kind of an unusual thing we do.

Here are a couple of photos of the view out our back window overlooking Beaver Creek.CIMG4364


It’s very pretty up here, quiet and tranquil.  Things are just beginning to green up as we are at about 8500 feet and it still is pretty cold up here in the mornings.

When we were driving up to South Fork we were stopped by cowboys stopping traffic for cattle to cross the highway to another pasture.  Pretty neat.

CIMG4361 CIMG4362

Jim just came in with his application to be reinstated in the local Elks lodge.  We want to take advantage of Elk campgrounds as we travel, as so many of our RV friends tell us it is a good savings.

I finally finished up getting all our snail mail address changed to our South Dakota mail forwarding service – Americas Mailbox – so that is a relief.  Next is the decision to actually change our domicile.

We’ve been enjoying the company of our long timeRich-Terry Deacon friends, Rich and Terri Deacon.  Jim has known Rich for a long time as Jim delivered bread to Safeway where Rich worked, some 30 years ago. They are now the managers of the South Fork Campground.  We camphosted together in 2008 and have spent many, many nights talking and laughing together. They are SKPs and live in a toy hauler as they enjoy motorcycling. Rich is a funny, funny guy and Terri laughs a lot so they are easy to be around. They keep us smiling!  We have talked with them about our plans to work for amazon.com again, but in Campbellsville, Kentucky, this fall.  So they decided to follow us.  They sent in their paperwork, got a phone interview and were hired yesterday.  So that will be four couples we will know in Campbellsville…Rita and Jerry, Larry and Betty, Jim and Linda, and Rich and Terri.  That sounds like a party in the making!!!

Tomorrow Jim and Rich are going to go get the big batteries from storage and set them in place in the two composting public restrooms we take care of.  Our first camphosts arrive tomorrow from Texas to get acclimated to the high altitude for a week before they start to work.  Our other couple will be in May 21st.  But their campground won’t be opening till mid June when the snow will finally be melted. That campground (Tucker Ponds) is at 9300 feet.

Well, Jim just came back to pick me up so I best close for now.  Posting to this blog will be a bit “hit and miss” but please do check back often as I will blog as much as possible…maybe I’ll convince Jim to get us a booster for our USB 727 aircard….do you think?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Hmmmmmmm, let me think about that.....no I don't think so.

  2. Good photos. We see that the range cattle are being moved up higher into the mountains for the Summer grazing.
    Just got off of the phone with Norval, our area manager. He and Edith checked on Trujillo Meadows today and the road starting up to the campground has two feet of snow on it still. The cumbres pass Railroad trestle guage on the internet shows 36 inched deep.
    Our new Coleman 5er is sitting in our yard and we are loading stuff getting read to hit the road for the Rocky Mountains.
    Three of our campgrounds are scheduled for new fire pits, tables and so forth and so on. We hear that we may be closed for about two weeks for that evolution. More next week on that.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.
    harm & bett

  3. How exciting for you that you two will have friends with you in Kentucky this fall P*A*R*T*Y!!!!! 967 days to go!!!!!! You have a beautiful view out the back of your rig. I just love babbling waters. Take care you two.

    Happy trails....

  4. Is there a possibility the air card is FROZE?????


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