Saturday, May 1, 2010

San Felipe Hollywood Casino


This casino is half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, exit 252 off I-25.  We have stopped here several times before.  The casino has a campground next to it and charges $10 a night with a 3 night limit.  They provide electricity and there is water and a dump station on property.  You sign in at the casino, fill out some paperwork and they send out security to unlock the electric box.

So we were surprised when we moved here yesterday with the Mossman’s and the parking lot was empty.  Seems the casino was closed for two days to celebrate Saint Phillip’s Day Feast.  Security stopped by to tell us we couldn’t use the electricity because they were closed.  Luckily the guys talked him into getting inside the casino and signing us in, so we’d have electricity. 

Later on today we’ll see if we can go find where the feast is being held.  Online it said they celebrate with the native Corn Dance, which would be interesting to see.

Last night we drove into Albuquerque and ate dinner at the Casino Route 66. This is our favorite buffet. We went at 2:30 and paid $8.95 lunch price. Being Friday they have their seafood buffet for dinner at $19.99; it is fabulous but last night we didn’t want to “over train” the budget so we choose lunch instead.  They have a great salad bar so Linda was happy.  We’ve both been hungry for salad lately.

We only have two nights together here before we separate for the summer.  After dinner we went over to the Mossman’s rig and Jim M. and I finished off the 1.75 liter bottle of  EJ VSOP brandy that Joel Buchan gave me in Yuma for fixing his computer.  It is a wonderful brandy that I have very much enjoyed the last few months.  We watched a couple of concerts on their Direct TV Pallid channel and talked about concerts we’ve been to. Then we somehow started citing the westerns we use to watch as kids.  That was fun!!!

One more night with the Mossman’s and they head back to Illinois and Michigan for the summer with family.  We’ll head back to Alamosa for a week and then up to South Fork for the summer supervising six national forest campgrounds.

It took about two days on the internet and making phone calls, but I think I got most of our mail redirected to our new South Dakota mail forwarding address.  It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be and certainly didn’t take as long to change over as I thought it would. I still have to change our resumes and social cards, but that won’t take long and isn’t essential for me to do right away. 

We’re off to a grocery store.  The guys decided we’re having chili for dinner tonight.

Remember, you are loved!

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