Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye, Mossman’s

We said goodbye to Linda and Jim Mossman today.  They are on to Albuquerque with an appointment at Camping World tomorrow to fix their water heater electric side.  We drove back to Alamosa and experienced a full slate of weather…rain, sleet and then the dreaded SNOW….sorry for cussing there.

Here are some photos of the back of the Mossman’s rig driving ahead of us leaving Cochiti Lake….maybe they will copy off some of them for their own use.

CIMG4347 CIMG4345
CIMG4342 CIMG4335

Before we left them this morning, Linda decided Indy needed a “top knot” put on his head….requiring Jim to hold him still.  Then Indy needed a little beard trim. 

CIMG4351 CIMG4352

Nice family portrait, don’t you think.


We will miss our dear friends through the summer, but we know we will see them again in September.

Remember, you are loved!!!

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