Thursday, May 20, 2010

All moved in!!!

We moved from Upper Beaver Campground to Park Creek Campground yesterday, got set up, stapled up the signs and we were opened for business.  Happily we had an overnight customer last night so we are making money for the company, American Land & Leisure.

Jim is getting aggravated trying to set up the TV satellite trying to aim it between the pine trees.  I stay out of his way….it may be days, folks.

Good news, Jim passed his water certification test. Yippeeeeeee!!!  First try and he made it!!!  We are both very happy.  That means next year we don’t have to come back to Colorado in April for him to attend class and take the test again, and freeze our tusses off.  We can stay in Louisiana till late April or early May.

Sadly we don’t get any bars on our aircard at Park Creek even with our little antenna.  I can get two bars on the phones with the antenna, but nothing with the aircard.  So I drive 12 miles to South Fork Campground (which Rich and Terri manages) and get online when I do laundry here; or we will drive to Wolf Creek Ski Lodge about 3 miles away and use their WiFi.  Can’t justify buying a Wilson Trucker’s Antenna or a booster antenna for 3 months use a year.

We talked to one of our camphosts about working at and they called, got interviewed and were hired.  So they will be going to Campbellsville also.  We will have quite a contingent there as I have counted up seven couples we know who will be working at Campbellsville this year.  Should be a fun time on those days off, don’t you think?  They still need more workers at Campbellsville, if any of you are interested.  They pay $9.90/hour for days and $10.50/hour for nights. You can work a 20 or 40 hour week and any overtime you want.  Overtime is not mandatory at Campbellsville. They also pay for your full hook-up campsite.  It’s very hard physical work, but for a few months work you gather up a lot of money to use for the rest of the winter.  Any one else want to join us in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and work for for the holiday peak season?

I’ll take some photos to share with you later in the week.  Oops, got to go…doing laundry has taken me three hours and I need to get back to the campground and clean them pit toilets!

Remember, you are loved!!!!


  1. Congratulations Jim!!!!! So that old brain does remember some
    good luck with the dish also. I had to use the manual dish here at my brothers and got lucky, 1st time did it.

  2. Aaah yes, scrubbing them risers, its a fun thing ! Well, we'll ge there getting in on the fun soon enough. See you guys soon.
    harm & bett


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