Sunday, May 23, 2010


The other night we “skyped” Lesle and Bill while they were attending the Escapees Chapter 2 rally in Montrose, Colorado.

Because we are opening our campgrounds this week we were unable to attend the rally, so “skyping” was the next best thing.  Lesle walked around the tables during the evening meal and we got to see who were there. 

The rally is a success with about 22 rigs attending.  That’s 44 people and a good turn out.  The next rally will be in September after the Escapade in Goshen, Indiana.  Again, we won’t be able to attend as we are leaving for South Dakota as soon as possible after we close our campgrounds September 6th.  We have to be in Campbellsville, Kentucky, around October 3-8th, as we start working for October 10th.

We’ve been talking with one of our camphost couples about working at and yesterday they called the recruiter and got hired. So Diana and Kelly will also be joining us in Campbellsville in October.  That’s three couples we’ve recruited, and two other couples who worked in Coffeyville, KS that are going to Campbellsville this year, so we will have quite a contingent of friends there. 

That will be nice for celebrating Thanksgiving together and 3 of us couples will travel to Somerdale, Alabama together for Christmas at the Escapee Rainbow RV park there.  Then we are planning on wintering in southern Texas and Mardi Gras at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana.  Well, that’s the plan anyway….you know how it is (as for most fulltime RVers)….all our plans  are written in Jell-O!

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