Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creede, Colorado


Yesterday Bill and Lesle arrived at our campground after attending the Escapees Colorado Chapter 2 Spring Rally in Montrose.  It sure was good to see them again.

CIMG4425 Rich and Terri also came over so since we all belong to Escapee Boomers group, we had a “micro rang”.  We served some of the Tidball’s seafood poppers…oh, so good…and Bill and I indulged in sipping E.J. VSOP brandy.

Here’s Bill catching a ride as Jim pulled up.


The drive up had awesome scenery.

CIMG4428  CIMG4431



We all drove to Creede, Colorado, about 30 miles east of South Fork to eat pizza at OMI (Old Miner’s Inn).  We started off with Rocky Mountain Oysters; and as they say on the menu “we don’t served them on the half shell folks”. Jim and I are particularly fond of them and OMI is one of the few places we have found them. Much laughter ensued, including Bill sucking on a lime which made him look like he had green teeth.


We took a group shot for posterity-



After dinner we looked around a bit at the shops and  the unique architecture of the buildings in this old mining town.




CIMG4435 CIMG4441
CIMG4436 CIMG4438
CIMG4439 CIMG4440

Creede is a bevy of art galleries and curio shops. They have different specialty weekends to bring in tourists. This weekend it is “The Taste of Creede” with the local restaurants selling bits of their cooking in stalls in the main street. Other venues they have  is a Chocolate Festival, Salsa Contest, 1890 Days with mine drilling exhibitions, Mushroom Foray, Crusin’ Car Show, Rock, Mineral and Fossil Show, and Woodcarvers’ Rendezvous to name a few. It’s a cute town with lots of character and fun to roam around in.

The town is very small and almost all the houses are 100 years old or more.









We drove home full to the gills only to find that six more campers had come in to the campground while we were gone.  We were elated!!! In a campground with only 12 sites filling seven sites in one day is very good.  Maybe we’ll have a good turnout for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. Ah such memories of those Rocky Mountain Oysters and pizza! Good Stuff Maynard. Where's the ice cream? Equally good stuff! Say HI to B&L for us. We miss you guys!


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